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Looking For A Summer Vintage Table For Your Garden, Patio Or Outdoor Space? Read Our Buying Guide

Looking For A Summer Vintage Table For Your Garden, Patio Or Outdoor Space? Read Our Buying Guide

If you are looking for a summer vintage table for your garden or outdoor space you should read our buying guide. We have a range of 7 tables in our outdoor table collection each varying in size, style and colour. Each of our unique tables has a wonderful story and a history that makes them special and sustainable. Carl, our founder and director, spends his time searching for vintage furniture like tables and chairs with character and charm. Read more about how we source and buy our vintage tables. Each table goes through a rigorous restoration process by our team of expert blacksmiths and carpenters. Read more about our restorers here. Once restored our vintage outdoor tables are ready to last another 30 years.

Our best-selling vintage outdoor tables are our blue and green tables. They are salvaged wedding tables also known as a ‘tent’ tables, from Rajasthan, NW India. Originally used for large elaborate wedding celebrations they would have been decorated with brightly coloured fabrics and flowers. The tables frames are made from angular iron making them super strong. Best of all they fold for easy storage. Over their lifetime they would have bene used for thousands of weddings. So over the years their original painted tops and edges have worn away giving each table a unique distressed finish. The blue tables have their tops painted blue, while the green tables have a natural varnished wooden top. This table was awarded ‘Indy Best’ Garden Table by the Independent newspaper and featured in Reclaimed magazine’s best outdoor furniture picks.

Our rustic vintage wooden table is the same size, but older than our blue and green tables, with a dark green or aged-metallic frame that sits below a natural dark hardwood top. They offer a more natural classic alternative to our painted tables, whilst still being flexible enough be used as an indoor dining table and as an office desk.

If you are looking something more compact then our vintage metal folding table might work. Perfect for 2 people eating or 4 people drinking these turquoise outdoor tables have a lovely shabby France bistro-style and pair well with our painted vintage chairs They fold for easy storage and are not too heavy to be moved in and out of your garden. They have a wonderful time-worn finish, while still being fully functional.

Our vintage bistro table are our smallest that were salvaged from a school where they were used as exam tables. A simple ‘X’ frame opens and supports a solid painted hardwood top. They are perfect for drinks for 2 people or eating for one. We have painted the tops in green or blue and also have them available in their original natural wood. It can be bought as a set with a pair of rustic metal chairs here.

Our extra-large industrial style folding table will comfortably seat 6 people and 8 using the two ends. It is a larger version of our best-selling wedding tables. So it has a reclaimed wooden top and painted iron frame. It folds for storage and it can be moved by two people.

If you are looking for something unusual then one of our original retro Contitential Oktoberfest table and pair of benches might work for you. At 2 metres long you will get 8 people around the table sitting on long benches.

Scaramanga stock a range of vintage furniture including seven tables suitable for 1 – 8 people. Each is an original vintage classic that has been salvaged and carefully restored ready to be used for another generation. Chose from classic natural teak or colourful bistro styling or the iconic long beer festival tables for big groups. Whichever you chose you will be guaranteed a table that has its own story and one that will last for many years to come. Do not forget we also stock a range range of metal fold and stacking chairs that complement the colour or style of our tables.

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