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Looking for a Summer Leather Backpack? Our Buying Guide

Looking for a Summer Leather Backpack? Our Buying Guide

Looking for a summer leather backpack? Look no further than Scaramanga’s range of expertly handcrafted vintage-styled rucksacks. In this blog we will highlight the main features and uses for each bag.

It's been 10 years since we launched our first leather backpack a retro-inspired rucksack. Since then our collection has grown steadily to six bags. Each bags varies in size, style and function. All of our bags are made using traditional techniques and tools from our exclusively tanned Hunter leather. Read more about how we make our leather bags.

All round use - our Boho backpack was inspired by a vintage backpack from the late 1980s we discovered in a vintage store. We loved the lovely soft worn vintage leather. So decided to remake the bag. Our design team set about designing it to be big enough for a change of clothes or if it is being used as a day bag a packed luchbox, book, magazine, purse and essentials for a day out. This makes it a good all round bag for holidays. It can easily be carried onto flights and its durable leather mans it can be taken on trips to the beach and out walking. As a backpack it allows you to sling it over your shoulders and have both hands free to carry or pull more luggage for holiday. Like all our bags we use a semi veg-tanned leather which give us a durable vintage-style leather while using less water compared to regular leather tanning.


The Boho  was an instant hit, but it was not long before we had designed and launched a smaller more compact version. Our small Boho has a single outside pocket and a spacious main compartment. It is ideal for your bare essentials, mobile phone, purse/wallet, keys, small book/notebook and a little more.

If you are looking for something with more of a vintage outdoors look and feel then our Raleigh backpack is the bag for you. Made from tough wearing canvas that has been waxed for extra durability and protection. It is styled on the classic Swedish army rucksack from the second world war. There are two zipped slip pockets and a long wide pocket that would fit a wallet/purse and a smartphone. The main compartment, under the flap, secured by two slip buckles. The interior is lined with 100% cotton. The bag has a handy grab top handle.


If you have a laptop are looking for a bag for work then our sleek Odyssey tote backpack offers a generous protective padded compartment that will hold most 15.6 inch laptops securely and a large main compartment with an internal zipped compartment for a wallet or purse or other valuable tech accessories. The large external pocket under a satchel-styled flap is big enough for an iPad or small notepad/laptop or A4 sized documents and a large journal. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded for comfort.


The fourth Scaramanga bag in the collection is the Shackleton our latest backpack. Like the Odyssey it has a dedicated secure padded laptop pocket (36cm x 24cm / 14in x 9.5in) and a very spacious main compartment with handy pockets for a wallet/purse and mobile phone. The Shackleton excels when it comes to handy pockets. There are an incredible 6 different sized pockets around the outside. Including a hidden one under the straps. The straps are fully padded and adjustable for an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience.

For those wanting a smaller version we also stock a small Shackleton with a padded 20cm x 28cm (8in x 11in) laptop compart and smaller proportions all-round.

If you are looking for classic styled bag to use as an everyday bag for holiday or going out the large backpack is for you. If you want something with a more outdoor or military feel to it then our Raleigh is our top recommendation. Our Odyssey tote with its slim styling and padded laptop compartment is a must for MacBooks / laptops and work documents. While the large and small Shackleton are built for carrying more items more comfortably while giving you lots of pockets so you are not scrabbling around at the bottom of your bag for your phone or keys.

Our full range of women handmade leather backpacks can be found our one our website and men’s here.



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