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Cottagecore; the new Country Aesthetic

Cottagecore; the new Country Aesthetic

What is cottagecore? Simply put, the cottagecore aesthetic is inspired by a romantic interpretation of rural life. People who enjoy cottagecore are interested in the idea of a more simple life and time, as well as being in harmony with nature. As an interior design style, it’s a mix of traditional, classic, farmhouse, and eclectic design elements—all pulled together with a granny-chic influence. It's all about displaying and showcasing your style and personality through the furniture, soft furnishings, books, artwork, tableware and other things. While a cottagecore style on its own is a hugely popular, we believe that you can create a truly unique space by adding interesting interiors pieces from other styles, so you can have a country style with you own personal touch added. vintage steamer trunks Remember a home is all about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. Carl, Scaramanga's owner and furniture buyer, is drawn to unique, original antique and vintage furniture that has an interesting story and a history. So he buys late Victorian or 1930s Art Deco or 1940's Indian colonial furniture or 1960s Scandinavian furniture or even 1970s industrial furniture. People collect pieces through their lives and these should be kept and used in their homes. Creating a cottagecore room can be done with a minimal budget and a few tweaks to some standard decor. The colour palette of a cottagecore room consists of mostly muted colours. Think pale/muted greens, yellows, warm whites, and vintage style floral/check prints. Common themes include farm animals, plants, rustic homes, and flowers. If something is comfy, cosy, and looks like it could be plucked from your grandmother’s house, then you’re on the right track. Use original and natural materials in your cottagecore styling This is definitely a kitsch look that mixes a ton of different design elements, as we mentioned above—from classical and traditional to rustic and eclectic. It manages to embody parts of some of the biggest trending design ideas of 2021—traditional comfort, grand millennial style, biophilic design, jewel-box rooms. They’re all rolled up into one, showing up in various ways in the Cottagecore aesthetic. a mix of rustic and ornate elements. This is a very antique-inspired look, (Hello, perfect Scaramanga!) Whether old or new, look for unique little end tables, slipcovered furniture, and textiles with patterns such as antique florals. Don’t be afraid to bring in colour and play with the relationship between colour and pattern. A more maximalist look more is more in this style. Use a mix of original interiors for the cottagecore trend Plants are one thing you see in almost every cottagecore mood board. With the cottagecore aesthetic having such a strong association with nature and natural beauty, it’s no surprise. The use of plants and unique planters is essential for the cottagecore trend At Scaramanga we carefully select antique, old and vintage furniture buying from dealers and sellers who have a lot of experience in buying and restoring furniture and who unusual stock. We are confident that you can find something that suits your budget, preferences and taste. The owner Carl, makes trips a couple of times a year across England, Scotland and India, where he spends time sourcing and finding out about the history of the items, so you are always getting unique furniture. It's worthwhile remembering the life span of handmade or high end manufactured items is far longer than mass produced vintage style. It also means it can be passed down the generations. Everything at Scaramanga are made by hand, use good quality materials and are well designed.
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