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Work from Home in Style

Work from Home in Style

With many of us still working from home in 2022, having a dedicated space to work from and focus in is essential. We're going to show you how you can create a flexible work area with stylish and affordable Home Office Furniture. We believe the key to setting up or updating your home office is flexibility. A working-from-home space can be temporary and multi-functional, with components that may be used in other rooms in your home. Many people don't have a separate office or study room, so having the ability to move it easily and quickly is important! All of our office furniture suggestions are available right now and come pre-assembled, so you don't have to waste time wading through piles of parts, screws and confusing assembly instructions. One of many joys of vintage and reclaimed furniture is that they'll always arrive ready to use!

home office furniture

Let's start with the basics: a desk! Except we're using a Vintage Folding Table that started its life as an outdoor wedding table in India. They are super sturdy and made from thick tropical hardwood, supported by an iron frame; a nod to the industrial aesthetic without looking too harsh. The original distressed blue paint finish adds a splash of colour (also available in natural and green). Measuring 155cm x 59cm these tables are narrower than most kitchen tables and are ideal for squeezing into slim rooms. Best of all, they fold flat for easy storage and transportation! With flexibility in mind, these tables are also perfectly suited for gardens, patios and summer houses... or indeed anywhere a strong table is needed!


Next, you'll need something to sit on. If you like mixing styles, we recommend going for a solid wood chair. Alternatively, if saving space is your priority then go for a folding chair. These chairs are foldable when not in use for ease of storage, keeping space used to a minimum.

Vintage Folding Chairs - Light Green, £47.50

Or if you're looking for something a little more statement, look no further than our Vintage Armchair, £495

Efficient storage is critical. With most people using desktop and laptop computers, it's unlikely you'll need lots of storage for files and folders. For smaller items and stationary that commonly clutter up a desk space, we'd recommend these Traditional Measuring Tins, £55 for a set of 3, which can be easily moved and take up very little surface space. Shop our wide range of Vintage Tins to browse different shapes and styles. All of our original tins are strong enough to stand the test of time and their gently aged exteriors look very striking.

On the topic of efficient storage, let's talk functionality! The space that functions as your home office during the day may transform into a study space for children when they're home from school! Being able to securely store and separate your work becomes even more important when sharing your space with your family members. Shop our impressive collection of Vintage Travel Trunks to find the perfect storage solution for an eclectic work space. Take a look at this quality Old Leather Trunk, £195, for example. The perfect space to save your important documents away from the kids!

Your standard home office furniture might make working from home feel characterless. In addition to utilising vintage and antique Scaramanga treasures to add intrigue to your work space, it's really important to decorate this area with invaluable personal possessions! We believe in mixing styles and a home office space, however temporary, should be no exception. Make your working-from-home haven extra interesting by contrasting personal with functional, natural with bold and vintage with contemporary!

Spaces designed specifically for home working are generally pretty high tech. Contrast this with vintage accessories from days gone by. Why not add a decorative retro telephone, a variety of old storage tins or natural wooden stationery boxes? To break up the shiny modern finishes of printers and laptops, we suggest incorporating natural, earthy textures with some leafy house plants in these hand-thrown Terracotta Plant Pots.

What's more? We've recently had the pleasure of working with Sustainable Interior Designer Alicia Storie from AdesignStorie. Together we created a sustainable home office space using exclusively Scaramanga pieces!

“I love to style a space using vintage decor and furniture as mixing and matching beautiful authentic pieces allows for such a distinctive unique interior design aesthetic! – Alicia Storie

We would love to see your work from home style! Share your shots with us over on Instagram with the hashtag #scaramangaworkfromhome


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