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Discover 9 Stylish, Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions you can use at home

Discover 9 Stylish, Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions you can use at home

One of Scaramanga's 2022 goals is to use less plastic. Below we've highlighted 9 non-plastic storage solutions for your home. You can easily and stylishly integrate these gorgeous no plastic storage ideas into any room in your home. Guess what? Eco-friendly storage ideas from Scaramanga won't break the bank either! Something like our old yellow money box is a great desk organiser for only £26.50. ecofriendly storage solutions from scaramanga Thinking small about your plastic consumption can have a big impact on the environment. Next time you go to buy something that is plastic, ask yourself, 'is there a better alternative?' In most cases, there will be. Our range of non-plastic storage ideas includes everything you typically need storage for. Below you'll see how you can organise your desk, hallway, bedroom and everything in between with charming eco-friendly storage solutions. No excuses now :)

Leather Suitcase

Ditch the plastic tubs under your bed! This year bring in a charming new (but old) leather suitcase to stylish store your seasonal clothing. You can proudly display these suitcases on a wardrobe or cupboard in your bedroom, no need to him them under a bed. While plastic storage containers are easy, adding a leather suitcase to keep belongings tucked away is much better for the environment and look 100% better. Vintage suitcase storage solutions

Old Yellow Money Box

At first glance you might, 'what would I use that for?' These old money boxes from India make ideal desk storage. Say goodbye to any boring plastic desk tidy and go for something unique in 2019. This money box will serve as a desk tidy for all your pens, pencils, erasers and well, anything! Not to mention be a real conversation starter at your next meeting. Make a bit of splash whilst doing your part for the environment. Vintage yellow money box featuring Indian writing and Cow illustrations

Storage Boxes - Old Brick Moulds

Kitchen storage doesn't have to be boring, or plastic! These storage boxes, or brick moulds make lovely kitchen storage. They will serve as great counter top storage for canisters, spices, tea and much much more. They were originally used as brick moulds in India where they served to build many structures. Bring some of this history and character into your kitchen this year. Make a real statement by adding a few into your space, we'll guarantee your kitchen will become the envy of many. Shop Here for, £30 Storage boxes vintage brick moulds scaramanga

Vintage Wooden Crate

Not just for bottles! It's so easy to walk in kick off the shoes and in less than 5 seconds the hallway is a right mess. Instead of any plastic shoe racks, how about a wooden crate to keep shoes and boots nice and tidy? These old soda crates will instantly add that popular shabby chic style to your hallway. Citra Bottle Crate, £67.50 Use vintage wooden crates for unique and colourful storage in your home

Metal Storage Trunk

Have a million throw blankets? Us too! Using these vintage metal trunks is ideal to keep them when not in use. One or two stacked next to the sofa or on top of a wardrobe make a lovely decor piece. We have a few of these functional and beautiful trunks, some of which are hand painted from India others have a beautiful natural patina. Each is completely original. So next you need something for your blankets or any storage really, think about these one of a kind metal storage trunks. These trunks bring that instant industrial chic vibe to any space. View metal trunks here Metal storage trunks

Vintage Wire Basket

Ditching the old boring brelly stand for a vintage wire basket is something that will give your hallway top marks. These baskets can be used for a number of things. However, we find they are great as pot or log storage for your garden. As they are metal they have a little weight to them, so they don't fall over. Plus, they add a chic vintage look to your garden, while adding much needed storage. Vintage metal wire storage basket

Metal Tote Tins

These hand painted tote tins have multiple uses, but particularly like them to organise books or magazines. You can keep an office or bedroom nice and tidy with these while adding a chic industrial decor vibe. These can be stacked up to make a statement piece and provide ample storage to your home. Shabby chic meets industrial chic with these metal tote tins. £50, for a set of 3 metal tote tins metal tote tin, eco friendly storage solution

Rustic Stationary Chest

There is nothing like this in plastic, and that's a good thing. These old stationary chests are hand made to perfection. Roughly 80 years old, they are steeped in history and character. Sat upon a desk, you can keep all your pens, paper and other bits and bobs securely inside. There are multiple compartments inside to keep your belongings super organised. Great for writers who still like paper back books, letters and ink wells. This would be a perfect addition to their desktops. Rustic Stationary Chest

Wooden Storage Box

How about an old wooden storage trays to replace plastic tubs around the house? Yes please! These repurposed old wooden storage trays are absolutely the perfect storage piece. They can be stacked or used on their own. Each giving that rustic shabby chic style. Proudly display them anywhere in your home where you need a little style or storage, they'll do both! Repurposed vintage wooden tray, £45 Repurposed wooden tray Little by little we can make a big difference with our plastic consumption. It's not about suddenly replacing everything you have, that leads to more waste. However, the next time you need something, think, is there an alternative to plastic. Every little bit counts, you can make a difference. Enjoy browsing Scaramanga's eco-friendly storage solutions.
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