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Scaramanga Vintage Jubilee Party Table

Scaramanga Vintage Jubilee Party Table

Looking for some vintage Jubilee party table inspiration? Scaramanga brings you ideas for classic vintage street or garden parties. Overall, we’ve gone for an eclectically styled vintage Jubilee party table. Any table setting starts with an old or vintage table and chairs. The size does not matter; a small bistro table for 2 or a long narrow Ockoberfest beer table and complimentary benches both work well.

We set our table on one of our natural wooden tables, but we have a wide selection sizes, colours and styles. You don’t really need a tablecloth, but if you did you could choose a white tablecloth or something with a decorative pattern. We left our table bare, we didn’t want to cover the lovely textured old wood and bare metal.

We set the old white enamel plates, cutlery and Indian tea glasses for the basic place settings. We used stoneware and textured wood on our table. Our small and large vintage stone coasters make perfect platters for serving smaller selections of treats. Our wooden placemats with their thick deep carved tops are ideal for piles of yummy cakes and sandwiches. We displayed classic jam sandwich biscuits and small sponge and cream cupcakes on ours.

Strawberries were served in vintage solid brass bowls – previously used in India for serving curries. No party table is complete without bowls of tasty crisps. The wooden bowls we used were Carl’s from a previous trip to southern Africa. Try our old iron bowls for an alternative.

Although there’s a clear use of bare and natural wood and stone a vintage party table would be complete without a nod to vintage tea sets. We used vintage floral-patterned side-plates to serve chocolate fingers and Tunnocks teacakes. When you serve tea for your family and guests nothing but fine bone china will do! Of course, mismatched cups, saucers and plates are perfectly OK. In fact, preferred!

While the table is not huge we were still able to add a bunch of red, pink and white flowers in an old enamel coffee jug. If space doesn’t allow a jug of flowers use small glasses tiny bunches of wildflowers or small potted plants from the house.

There was another reason we set up the table under a tree. Not only does it provide shade (we didn’t want all those cakes and chocolate biscuits to melt!) we used it to hang our vintage style Jubilee bunting. We bought 10m and it could have hung right around the table.

Other items of on vintage garden table include an Indian tea glass holder. These were previously used by chai wallahs (tea-sellers) for carrying tea to customers at roadside tea houses. They fit our chai glasses perfectly. Our glasses really can be used for tea, lemonade, wine, beer … absolutely anything. The jug of homemade lemonade is served in a 1960s patterned glass jug.

You can decorate your table and area with vintage storm lanterns filled with strings of led lights, plants in large terracotta pots and as we have plants in repurposed buckets and fire bucket planters.

We hope our vintage Jubilee party table has given you some inspiration for your table. See more of our original vintage table and outdoor furniture decoration ideas on our website.

Where to get your accessories:

Scaramanga (naturally)

Fine bone china – your granny

Union jack bunting – The Cotton Bunting Company

Small house plants – Morrisons - £1.50 each. Pots from Scaramanga’s Kolkata hand thrown pots.

Union Jack napkins and mini cocktail stick flags - Asda

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