Vintage Wooden Mirrors

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Vintage Wooden Mirrors

An antique or vintage mirror is an essential part of a vintage-inspired room or space. We stock a variety of antique mirrors and vintage mirrors ranging from long mirrors decorative wall mirrors for bedrooms and hallways, bathroom wall mirrors to living room mirrors, overmantle mirrors and ornate mirrors.

Our range of floor mirrors and large vintage mirrors have been reclaimed from antique window and door frames and are over one hundred years old. Each has been made from tropical hardwoods such as teak and mango wood. Each mirror is unique so you can rest assured that a Scaramanga mirror is one of a kind. Our shabby chic mirrors retain their original patina and distressing. Our vintage shaving mirrors make special gifts and can be used anywhere in the house.

Each vintage mirror has been sympathetically restored by skilled carpenters and restorers to bring it back to life. Usually the mirrored glass would have deteriorated and peeled away making it unusable. We replace the mirrored glass and ensure the frame is strong.

A vintage mirror is so much better than a new mirror because of the unique character of the frame. So we keep the colour and condition of the frame as we find them. A simple mirror can transform the atmosphere in a room whether it is a small wall mirror, large floor mirror or an overmantle mirror. A large mirror will create the illusion of extra space.

We always have a couple of very large mirrors that were repurposed from large antique Indian door frames. The frame’s posts, head and sill of antique door frames are usually made from high quality hardwoods like teak and are always beautifully carved and painted. So they make ideal frames when the doors are removed. A door sized antique mirror frame is a real statement piece and creates a focal point in a room. You don’t need an overly vintage décor scheme to add a vintage mirror. An eclectically styled room allows you to choose a more unusual vintage mirror. So you can mix styles, era and themes harmoniously. Perhaps using one that is brightly coloured or with a more decorative or elaborate finish. Many mirror frames are from the Indian state of Maharashtra, where brightly coloured and carved styles are seen across the area.

Repurposed mirrors are also made from window frames. Like the doors discarded thick hardwood frames with their original shutters are easily repurposed and when hung on a wall give the impression of an additional window.