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Vintage Planters

Simply by adding a range of vintage planters and plant pots to your garden is a great way to create a homely and fresh style. We have added a wide range of garden planters & terracotta plant pots to our collection throughout the years to give you a wide selection to choose from. A beautiful planter gives a garden the finishing touch it needs to take it from looking ordinary to eye-catching. A flower pot doesn't have to be restricted to outdoors. We also have a range that would fit perfectly indoors.  

The curved terracotta plant pots are a great example of this. If you are looking to introduce home gardening to your house, these garden planters are an ideal place to start. This would look fantastic placed on a bookshelf, a windowsill, a coffee table or on the edge of a desk. A great way to give you inspiration while working. 

We have a new collection of metal plant pots that will complement the terracotta style beautifully. These metal plant containers have been repurposed from old iron and styled with antique measuring cups from India in mind. Hang these pots anywhere in your home with the provided round handle. This will last for years to come thanks to the durable metal used throughout. 

If you are looking for vintage outdoor plant pots, the large vintage metal bucket would fit beautifully. The 1930s galvanised planter represents buckets of character! The bucket design shows that large planters don't have to be plain and simple. You can showcase flowers in a unique way such as placing it in a vintage bucket. It has not been repurposed, allowing you to add a touch of tradition to your garden. 

Whether you are looking for a mini clay pot to give your office a homely feel, or a large planter to brighten your garden, we are confident we have what you are looking for.