Vintage Kitchen Tableware & Glassware

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Vintage Kitchen Tableware & Glassware

Great tableware and glassware are the must-have accessories for any great kitchen. That's why we've spent time finding the most unique and original collection of glasses, bowls, plant pots and kitchen decor. This range of glasses and tableware is vast in style and price, so we're certain there is something for everyone. 

You'll find a range of traditional chai glasses, the kind you see in India with piping hot aromatic chai tea. We have about 6 different styles and sizes of these chai glasses. They are proving to be one of our most popular items! These drinking glasses can be used for water, wine and of course tea, they hold hot liquids brilliantly. But you don't have to limit their use, we've also used them as wee plant holders. Little cacti and succulents look absolutely perfect in them, what an original centrepiece! This range of glassware will appeal to those looking for bar glasses as well as drinking glasses.

Speaking of centrepieces, you can shop for a variety of unique tableware are Scaramanga. We have clay bowls, metal bowls, stone bowls and vintage serving trays. These pieces all have multiple uses. Perhaps you need a need fruit bowl? Or a one of a kind vase for your fresh cut flowers? Our bowls and serving trays will do both, and more!

What's better on your tabletop or counter than a plant, right? New to Scaramanga this summer is a full range of terracotta plant pots. We've got them in multiple sizes and styles and they're all under £6! At this price, you can afford to buy a few and have them lined along a kitchen window, behind your sink or displayed in the centre of your kitchen table. You can't be that classic terracotta pot, it's a timeless look that will elegantly hold all the green life in your kitchen.