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Vintage Furniture

We stock unique authentic and original antique and vintage furniture, preloved, upcycled, industrial and handmade interiors from around the world. We search for original furniture in need of restoration and our highly skilled team of restorers carefully bring them back to life ready to last another generation.

Antique and vintage furniture has a character and charm that is hard to replicate. Its patina is built up over many years of wear and use, edges and surfaces take on a unique appearance. By buying old and preloved furniture you are also reducing your carbon footprint as salvaged pieces are not dumped in landfill or burnt, so the life of the original wood is extended. So the carbon is retained and not released into the environment. New trees are not cut down to make new furniture. So buying vintage is sustainable and green.

We specialise in storage chests and travel trunks for to use as livingrooms coffee tables and bedroom cabinets, wardrobes, armoires, mirrors and cupboards. Our free-standing kitchen furniture and tableware will give any kitchen a unique retro touch.

Entertain outdoors in your garden, patio or balcony with our vintage dining and bistro tables, chairs and benches. Perfect creating a chilled and relaxing atmosphere. Add storm lamps, hand-thrown terracotta pots and reclaimed iron bucket planters as finishing touches.

Our stock of vintage furniture changes every week with new arrivals for every room. We have thousands of items available for immediate despatch. If you would like to see our furniture in person you can visit our Cupar store. We're only 50 minutes from Edinburgh. Vintage and old items are often the same price or less than replica antique furniture available at other stores. Older furniture tended to be stronger and more well-made as skilled carpenters used traditional tools and techniques to make furniture. Often stronger hardwoods like teak and oak were used. Hardwoods are more durable than newer softer woods like pine.

Scaramanga’s founder, Carl, spends a lot of time searching for furniture across the world. Our furniture is sourced from England, Scotland, France, India, USA and Japan. We buy a lot of furniture that is either fully restored, partially or in need of full restoration.All our vintage furniture is carefully selected by us and restored by expert craftsmen.

When restoring furniture we try to keep as much of its accumulated character as we can. This means we do not strip old layers of paint, remove old fittings, fill cracks, repaint or do anything that makes it look newer than it really is. We want customers to enjoy the furniture as it was used by its previous owners. We really try to do little more than lightly washing of the piece, ensuring it's structurally sound and giving it a wax to nourish the wood. Our vintage furniture will show its age with marks, dents, cracks, distressing, time-worn edges and surfaces. These all enhance its character and charm. A chest used by a merchant every day for storing receipts, documents and money will look as if it's been used every day for 30 years.

If you are looking to buy vintage furniture and you are not sure whether it will fit in with other pieces you may have acquired over a number of years then why not try an eclectic look. With this style no one era or style should dominate. There are really no styling rules. You can mix old, new, Scandi, mid-century modern with Art Deco, Japanese with African, country farm and Victorian. It's tasteful mix that look harmonious.