Vintage Cabinets & Storage Cupboards

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Vintage Cabinets & Storage Cupboards

Discover the beauty of vintage cabinets and cupboards that are a staple piece in any home as they eliminate clutter and allow us to organise and display our essential and favourite personal things. At Scaramanga, we stock a variety of pre-loved, vintage cabinets, vintage cupboards, armoires and vintage wardrobes that will complete your home with both style and functionality.

What is our Furniture is made from?

Most of our wooden and vintage cabinets are made of teak wood which is an exceptionally strong, durable and eco-friendly choice for your furniture. Teak has a high rubber and oil content which makes it water-resistant and pest-resistant, meaning your furniture will never rot, warp or splinter.

Our wooden cupboards go beyond durability, like all of our pieces, they’re one of a kind with unique, ornate decorative details, multiple doors, painted panels and mirrors. They come in distressed finishes or bright colours, making them suitable for every space. There are always going to be cheaper wooden alternatives available on the market, low-quality pieces that might look good for a year but won’t last you past one room reshuffle.

At Scaramanga, we offer teak because we know how important it is for you to know you’re making eco-conscious, stylish and reliable purchases. This means your teak cupboards will last you through room reshuffles and house moves, they’re pieces that can be passed down through generations. Trust us, once you buy teak – you’ll never go back.

At Scaramanga we sell, cabinets, cupboards and armoires. Below we’ll tell you the difference between these so you know which one will be the perfect new addition to your home.

Features of our Cupboards & Cabinets

At Scaramanga we have a wide range of vintage cupboards and cabinets that would make a great new addition to any room in your home. We have a great range of wall-hanging display cabinets that can are multi-functional and stylish. You can use our cabinets within your kitchen to hang mugs, or use as a striking spice rack, you could use our ornate art-deco display cabinets from Northern India for displaying your favourite mementoes from travels or events.

Our cabinets could be used in your living room to store books and display your favourite antique finds from flea markets or in your bathroom to store your skin-care products and medication or our cabinets could be used at your front door to hang your keys when you get home. You can buy our cabinets in a range of finishes such as pastel colours, including yellow, green and blue or with a distressed wooden finish. Our cabinets have wooden racks, glass-panelled doors, hooks and shelves which gives you the freedom to choose how you want to use them.

Our free-standing cupboards are perfect for your hall or living room to store games, books and memorabilia, they have multiple shelves, glass-panelled doors and drawers. Some of our favourite storage cabinets this season are adorned with gorgeous floral tiles and glass-panelled doors. We also have smaller cabinets which would make great bedside tables or living room side tables.

Why Choose a Storage Cupboard?

Storage cupboards are the perfect addition to any household that wants to eliminate clutter whilst adding a vintage feel to your home. At Scaramanga we have a variety of storage cupboards in different styles that can be used for any purpose within your home. Our storage cupboards include vintage wooden and metal lockers with multiple doors that could store toys, towels, clothes and shoes.

We have tall cupboards ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and halls that add a pop of colour to any space and allow you to categorise all your clothes, games and books. Our collection includes distressed, vintage storage cupboards and side tables, some with wooden panels and glass-panelled doors allowing you to display plates, pictures or family heirlooms. Buying a storage cupboard will make your home feel organised, tidy and full of character.

Where do Cupboards come from?

Cupboards and cabinets are pieces of furniture that have shelves to store items. They originated in the Middle Ages as a board for cups and then developed into a series of shelves, to display plates which then developed into wall-mounted or free-standing unit with doors.

Why choose a Vintage Wardrobe?

If you’re looking for a striking solution to store your clothes and display some of your favourite things – we have a wide range of beautifully coloured cupboards and wardrobes. We have a variety of sizes, so you have a choice between our extra-large, cottage-core inspired wardrobes, smaller art-deco pieces or rustic-styled wardrobes.

Where do Wardrobes come from?

The wardrobe was invented in France in the 14th century which started as a room known as the Warderobe or Wardereube, meaning “the place where garments are kept”. Wardrobes were originally catered to aristocrats who regularly wore grand outfits to royal events. However, as clothes became regularly made, worn and sold to all classes of people, wardrobes became a piece of furniture and an integral piece in every home. With more space to keep clothes, people began taking more pride in their appearance and mirrors were then attached to the doors of wardrobes.

All of our cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes and armoires are unique and will last you a lifetime. Have a look at the whole selection here.