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Lost & Found

Our lost and found collection features a wide collection of home furniture that deserves to be at the focal point of every home. From vintage cool boxes to large retro scissors, we have a selection of miscellaneous objects that will bring a vintage style to your home. Many of these pieces have been found around the world from different decades, giving you the opportunity to add history and character to a room. The beauty of shopping this collection is that the possibilities are endless and you will find exactly what you are looking for in each room. 

We are confident you will feel lucky to find our vintage cool box due to it's retro style. You can either introduce this piece in your kitchen, garden or living room. This would also make a striking statement side table. This authentically bright storage box was historically a popular piece in Northern India and used as a merchandiser to sell soda by shop-keepers. It was traditionally packed with ice to keep everything chilled before the introduction of refrigerators. The vintage cool box also includes an integral bottle opener and side handles. 

Another piece that would fit perfectly in any room in the home is the vintage up-cycled arcade cabinet. This gaming cabinet had the potential to have a big following in it's day. It originally had numerous electronic sounds and all other functions of an arcade game. Today these retro cabinets bring back fantastic memories from the days of pinball and machines from the iconic era of the 1950′s to the 70′s. This is a new piece from Scaramanga and we know you will love it just as much as we do. 

Why not take a look at our lost and found collection now and find out what pieces would fit perfectly in your home.