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World Traveller Style With Vintage Furniture And Interiors

World Traveller Style With Vintage Furniture And Interiors

If you love travel let you home tell a story of exciting world travel and overseas adventure. Use eastern antique furniture with colourful fabrics or original colonial vintage furniture and interiors to create a more neutral classic travel look. Or fuse both styles for a well-travelled eclectic style. By using world design influences to create depth and personality to rooms with colourful and spicy tones against neutral shades to create striking spaces you can make the look unique and your own. Indian and colonial vintage furniture We've used a fabulously decorative antique Rajasthani damichya with a brass edged antique chest, teak planter's chair as our main pieces in this living room. Then added a low level carved old merchant's chest with a dark old wooden bowl, old sari wall-hanging and lots of tropical plants to transport this room back 100 years. We specialise in old, antique and vintage chests, boxes and trunks with over 1,000 in stock at any time. Vintage merchant's table vintage furniture The merchant's table has a lovely original faded blue finish. An old teak bowl with old brass temple bells and old letters and vintage postcards. reclaimed door panels repurposed into mirrors In the second room we have used a teak vintage armoire with a stack of old chests and a small table and chair. Of course vintage travel trunks, vintage suitcases and antique chests give a space a well-travelled feel. For additional storage use old suitcases either on top of a vintahe cupboard or several under your bed. vintage armoire Like original colonial styling we have kept the colours neutral. Light colours keep interiors cool in the tropical heat, so any colonial inspired space should use creams, whites, pale greens and blues, which when paired with darker colonial furniture gives a wonderful contrast. Create a statement in a home office or bedroom with an extra large vintage map or map mural and contrast with a with woven rugs over natural flooring. antique armoire British colonial style would not be complete without unusual curios collected from intrepid world travels. Try vintage maps, antique cameras, globes, travel bags, old postcards, books and china to create finishing touches. old wooden chests Fabrics were inspired by botanical, animal, paisley and were made from readily available locally made cotton and linen. So long flowing light coloured cotton fabric will give a room soft filtered light. Mixing throw cushions and tropical printed bedcovers or traditional vintage covers will give an eclectic travel look. 1a Tropical plants such as palms and ferns in simple terracotta pots will transform spaces into dramatic pattern rich areas reminiscent of British colonial clubs. Thick framed reclaimed wooden windows with shutters could be used as decorative mirrors. vintage colonial style with old chests Use a screen or two sets of reclaimed doors that have been joined together to make a screen to divide your space into small areas.
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