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Wooden Printing Blocks - Scaramanga's Top Crafting Tips

Wooden Printing Blocks - Scaramanga's Top Crafting Tips

Here at Scaramanga, we love nothing more than finding a beautiful, handcrafted leather satchel a nice new home, but we also stock some fantastic home accessories and craft supplies, such as our range of wooden printing blocks. Ideal to use with water based paints, such as poster paint, each stamp is hand carved into a unique design, perfect to use for everything from wrapping paper to scrapbooking. The only limit is your imagination!
December has arrived, the temperatures have plummeted, and the top of everyone’s agenda is organising for Christmas. Here at Scaramanga, we might not be able to help with stuffing the turkey, but we can certainly add a bit of fun to your wrapping paper. Rather than heading off to the high street, why not add a personal touch to your presents and make your own this year? All you need is a selection of our printing blocks, such as the small wooden love heart block, £2.50 or the extra large printing block, £5.00, and a roll of plain brown parcel paper. Either unroll the paper and create a large repeating pattern, or wait until you’ve wrapped your gifts and then stamp a single print on the top as a final touch – more cost effective, more individual and much more fun than just buying pre-made wrapping paper!
Whether you’re thinking about Christmas, or you’ve got a few birthdays coming up, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to need a selection of gift tags to attach to any presents you’ve wrapped. Scaramanga wooden printing blocks are ideal for making unique, personalised tags at a fraction of the cost of ready made versions available on the high street – either cut a large piece of card into smaller rectangles and punch a hole in one end, or use pre-cut luggage tags, and print away. Our six piece set of wooden printing blocks, £8.00, contains six small blocks, ideal for making the most decorative tags you’ll ever find. Either use alone, or combine with decorative tape and embellishments, and you’re sure to give the local stationers a run for their money!
Do you need to tell someone you’re thinking of them? Or maybe you simply need to say thank-you for a favour? Whatever the occasion, sending a handmade card will mean much more to the recipient than simply going to the shops and buying a ready-made one. If you’re planning on sending someone a little Valentines note, our large wooden heart block, £7.00, is just the thing for the front of your card, while the swirly wooden printing block, £3.50, is ideal if you just want to send a note to say ‘hello’.
If you’re a journal-maker or scrapbooker, you’ll know all about embellishment, decoration and adding detail, which is why our wooden stamps are ideal to use to give your pages a little colour and pattern. From animals to flowers, geometric designs to shapes, there’s a stamp for every possible subject, and our extra large wooden printing block, £6.75, is ideal. The stamps also work perfectly with any of our leather journals, which make beautiful scrapbooks and keepsake books – the handmade paper is just right for printing on, and the large embossed leather notebook, £26.00 has a wonderful hand-tooled leather cover to keep all of your notes, drawings and mementos safe and sound.
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