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Women's Holiday Bags | Scaramanga Summer Style

Women's Holiday Bags | Scaramanga Summer Style

Women's Holiday Bags

We are officially in the middle of Summer which means many of us are getting ready for our summer holidays. Summer is a month that we all look forward to throughout the year as it means we can update our wardrobes with bright and vibrant colours. Just before you post that out of office email, make sure you are fully prepared. The most important item to think about is your women's holiday bags. Whether you are planning a city break close to home or a magical holiday under the sun, we have a range of women's leather handbags that will make your trip a dream. women's holiday bags leather handbag

Bella Handbag

The Bella handbag is a small and sophisticated handbag that will fit everything you need for the day. Made from tanned hunters leather, this bag is a sturdy design that will keep all of your holiday belongings secure. We have designed the leather handbag with a front pocket so you can keep your keys and phone in a place that is easy to access. You no longer have to dig through your vintage handbag to find your keys! The Bella leather handbag is a slick design with a touch of distinctive Scaramanga style. Similar to our previous collections, the bag is slightly distressed to add a touch of character to your summer style. original

originalThe Ella Saddle Bag

Women's holiday bags are a great way to represent your unique style as well as pack all of the essentials you need for a fun filled day. The Ella saddle back achieves this perfectly. We are a big fan of saddle bags at Scaramanga due to their compact style and practical nature. We wanted to design that is slightly bigger than expected with a saddle bag, and we came up with the women's saddle bag. The main compartment is big enough to fit all of your essentials for the day as well as extra space for a book to read at the beach. The clasp fastener allows you to easily access all of your belongings whenever you desire. Keep your keys and phone secure in the zipped compartment underneath the flap. This is also a great way to keep them separate from your other belongings. You can wear this gorgeous cross-body bag over your shoulder with the comfortable shoulder strap. We have added an adjustable function to the strap so you can make the leather handbag comfortable for you. leather cross-body bag cross-body bag women's shoulder bag

Gemini Leather Crossbody Bag

If you are looking for a compact but mighty bag to stand out throughout your holiday, the leather cross-body bag would make the perfect choice. The leather shoulder bag was designed in a compact style so you have enough room for your small essentials and feel comfortable at the same time. As shown in the photography above, the gemini crossbody handbag will complement any outfit and colour. If you have packed a vibrant holiday wardrobe with endless colours, then the small handbag would fit in perfectly. Similar to our Ella saddle bag, the leather gemini bag features an adjustable arm strap. In addition, this will allow you to fit the leather bag to your comfort. The bag features a double zipped fastener that separates two small sections. This will allow you to keep your make up and phone in different compartments of the bag. We have also squeezed in a small pocket so you won't lose your favourite lipstick during your travels. To give you extra luxury, we have lined the bag with a grey lining. The brown leather and grey material complement each other beautifully. leather saddle bag

Vintage shoulder bagLeather Saddle Bag

The 12'' Leather saddle bag is the ultimate holiday accessory! It is the perfect size to fit everything you need for a daytime adventure or a girls night out. The traditional buckle on the front of the bag securely fastens all of your belongings. In addition, all you have to worry about is to enjoy your day. Fit your purse, lipstick, keys and phone in this classically striking saddle handbag. We love an additional pocket at Scaramanga and we have included one on the front of the saddle bag for extra storage. Sarah has styled the saddle bag with a colourful stripped dress that compliments the brown leather beautifully. This is a great example of how you can style your shoulder bag throughout your holiday. leather laptop backpack

leather backpackMini Soho Backpack

The Soho Mini leather backpack is a new design for team Scaramanga. This laptop backpack is a great way to carry your laptop as well as enjoy a day full of adventure. We have included a padded divider inside the leather rucksack to ensure your laptop is secure at all times. The slip latch closures are also a great security mechanism for your belongings. It will also allow you to access your belongings in a less time consuming fashion. Adjustable arm straps featured on the back of the backpack for women will comfortably allow you to fit the backpack to your personal needs. Alternatively, you can also carry the leather laptop backpack with the provided handle at the top of the rucksack. We have added extra luxury with the grey lining that blends with the brown leather perfectly. small satchel leather satchel bag

women's leather satchelSmall Leather Satchel

Satchel bags are the first Scaramanga design and remain one of our favourites to this day! The small satchel in particular is a classic design with a striking look. Adjust your leather satchel to your needs with our extendable shoulder strap. This will allow you to make the bag comfortable for you. The fastening buckles features a brass material to add a touch of extra luxury to your style. You will also feel assured that your belongings will be safe at all times. We wanted to stay true to the classic school satchel by keeping the design simple but trendy. The impressive main compartment will allow you to fit everything you will possibly need for the day. We have also included an internal zipped compartment so you can keep your smaller essentials in a memorable place. See more of our women's holiday bags and photography on Instagram now!
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