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Why I Love Scaramanga's New Vintage Leather Flight Bag

Why I Love Scaramanga's New Vintage Leather Flight Bag

Scaramanga's Vintage Leather Flight Bag
On the fashion front, there is no doubting that University is high maintenance. Girls may turn up for lectures in slouchy jogging bottoms, with their battered looking vintage leather bag and messed up hair, but it is a fashion statement: the jogging bottoms are from Jack Wills, they are teamed with a tight top and the hairstyle has been tactfully hair-sprayed in place for that 'just out of bed' look. Guys can be spotted in their Barbour jackets, tight jeans and sunglasses. Well, maybe the Jack Wills bottoms and the Barbour jackets are specific to here in St Andrews, but it still seems that students everywhere students are dressed to impress - they have a distinct style: as my mum likes to tell me every time I go home "you're always dressed like a student!" Whatever your style though, prioritizing fashion inevitably creates a practicality problem, not just because the other student stereotype is that we have no money (although that is also a serious problem!) but because we normally have lots of stuff to carry, and short of settling for a most unfashionable back-pack, there is no easy way to cart all your stuff between the library, classes and home. I quickly discovered this as I progressed through the years when I found myself carrying my one small bag to complement my outfit, accompanied by about three extra shoulder bags for all my books, and my laptop tucked under my arm. In other words, I looked like a donkey, saddle-bags and all, and I knew I had to do something, so I set out to find a solution. At which point I discovered Scaramanga online, rushed along to the store when I noticed that, surprisingly, it was local, and quickly fell in love with my leather satchel.
A vintage Pan-Am flight bag, which helped inspire Scaramanga's Flight Bag
Like most good companies though, Scaramanga is always coming up with new ideas; and while I love my leather satchel, which has served me well over the years, I am equally taken by Scaramanga's new Vintage Leather Flight bag, which has just arrived in the last few weeks. Re-designed to be slightly larger for 2011, the Large Vintage Flight bag is more spacious than the ever popular medium wide satchel: problem solved for Uni! Books, Macbook, and lots of side pockets for phone, purse and keys - everything fits without a problem and the result is fashion and function perfectly combined. It's also big enough to get away with using as an overnight bag, so if you're heading home or you're not going to make it back to your flat after a night out, it will fit everything you need on the move. An added bonus is the design - inspired by the vintage Pan-Am and BOAC flight bags of the 70's -which is a little bit different and has a quirky edge to the more traditional satchel style, so there is definitely no compromise on style whilst remaining practical. Oh, and the poor student problem... well, it won't break the bank (or the student loan) at an affordable £77.50 for a sturdy vintage leather bag that will see you all the way through student life and beyond.
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