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What's in Your Bag? The Scaramanga 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag

What's in Your Bag? The Scaramanga 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag

9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag, £42
They say that the best things come in small packages, and in the case of our smallest leather satchels, we can't help but agree. From the 11 inch mini leather satchel, to the small retro leather satchel, our smallest bags are often surprisingly versatile. One of our favourites, the 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag is a fairly new design, and measures just W23cmxH17xD7 - big enough for all of those daily essentials, but small enough to just sling over your shoulder and go. The burning questions is, though, how much does it actually hold? We know that this is often the most important issue when buying a new bag, so we decided to put the 9 inch leather saddle bag through it's paces, so you can see exactly how many of those essentials will fit inside.
The 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag, £42
Tucking the strap inside quickly gives you a handy clutch bag
First things first; this is one clever little bag. Although small, it has a fairly spacious main compartment, and an adjustable 58" shoulder strap which means it can be worn either across the body or over the shoulder - alternatively, tuck it right inside and use the bag as a clutch on an evening out. We can guarantee that although doing this reduces the amount of space inside, there's still enough room for your mobile phone, a small coin purse or cardholder and some keys - the ideal night out kit.
The 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag and its contents
Handmade from beautiful buffalo leather, and with both a main compartment and an extra front pocket, we managed to fit in everything you might need for the day; although everyone's idea of what's essential is different. We squeezed in a small coin purse, a miniature notebook, a pen, some keys and a small camera in the main compartment, and found that the front pocket was just the right size for our mobile phone - and even after all of that, there was still room to fit in a small chocolate bar. Because if that's not a daily essential, we don't know what is....
The 9 Inch Leather Saddle Bag makes the perfect day bag
Featuring the same ethically produced leather, and beautiful hand crafted details of our larger bags, the 9 inch leather saddle bag also has all of the silver nickel hardware and super-strong double stitching - while you might not be able to fit in your tablet, laptop or files and folders, it's the ideal bag to take shopping, sightseeing or when you just need to pop out for a few hours. We love it's versatility, and the fact that although it might not hold as much as our larger bags and satchels, it still manages to see us through the day.
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