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What's In Your Bag? The Scaramanga 13-Inch Brown Leather Satchel

What's In Your Bag? The Scaramanga 13-Inch Brown Leather Satchel

Brown Leather Satchel 13-Inch, £75

One of our newest bag designs, the 13-Inch brown leather satchel from Scaramanga is fast becoming one of our favourites; measuring W32.5cmxH22cmxD7cm, it’s one of our smaller satchels, but still manages to be amazingly versatile. With an adjustable shoulder strap that can easily be tucked inside the bag, you can wear it as a cross body satchel, a shoulder bag, or even a handy clutch for an evening dinner date; but the real question is, how much does it hold? We put the 13-Inch satchel through its paces, and worked out exactly how many items we could squeeze in.

The 13-Inch Brown Leather Satchel, £75
Made from our usual durable buffalo leather, the 13-Inch brown leather satchel has been handcrafted by skilled leatherworkers, and finished with polished silver nickel hardware. Based on the traditional mid-century satchels, we’ve given a vintage-style accessory a little update and created one beautiful bag. But here at Scaramanga, we understand that sometimes aesthetics isn’t enough, which is why we design all of our bags to be as practical as possible – which basically means they need to hold as much as possible. So, what did we manage to fit in?

The Scaramanga 13-Inch Leather Satchel and its contents

Daily essentials differ slightly from person to person, but they usually include several similarities; a mobile phone, laptop or tablet (or occasionally, all three), a wallet, book or magazine, keys and often an umbrella. We managed to fit in everything apart from the laptop, and in addition found enough space left over for a Scaramanga journal, a pair of sunglasses and a small camera; although our 13-Inch satchel is small in size, it’s big on capacity and can comfortably hold everything you need to get you through the day.

Even when full, the 13-Inch Brown Leather Satchel manages not to appear bulky

The secret lies in the construction of the bag; it’s made up of two separate compartments which can both hold an impressive amount. The main section is designed to hold bulkier items, such as books, small magazines and wallets, while the additional front pocket is the ideal place to keep anything slightly more delicate, such as a tablet , or anything you need to keep to hand, such as keys or a mobile phone. The buffalo leather, while incredibly strong, is also pretty flexible, which is what allows those few extra items to fit in; a small point-and-shoot style camera, ideal for anybody who never wants to miss a moment, and one of our own travel journals, perfect for people who simply like to stay prepared. The best thing is that because of the unique design, even when the 13-Inch satchel is completely full, it manages not to look bulky or chunky – meaning that you can stay stylish without having to sacrifice any of your daily essentials.

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