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Wedding Season

Wedding Season picturefrmtablenumbersJennifer Bagwell Photography & Meghan Wiesman Photography Wedding season is upon us and there is no better place to say "I do" than in Scotland. The backdrops of rustic farms, glorious castles and green rolling hills offers a magical setting for that big day. While we can't offer much in the way of a dress or cakes (we are of course happy to help you sample), we can offer a lovely range of wedding decor from vintage to contemporary. Below you'll find some inspiration from all corners of the web, coupled with our products so you can get the same look. Idea #1: Vintage Suitcases vintageweddingideas10dc134b0cf24d8a5b1ace3c1bd1b274a11f4b2894bfba2ebf2a95808002d81ea

Using vintage suitcases adds a sense of nostalgia to any wedding. We love to see them used as center pieces above, or card boxes, dessert displays and backdrops for photos. Here is how you can get the look at Scaramanga:

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Idea #2: Old Wooden Chests


Having an advice box or well wishes box can be a lot of fun for guests to share their 'words of wisdom'. Our chests can be used for a number of things from card boxes, give boxes, displays and seating, too. Here are some options from Scaramanga to get this look:


Idea #3: Wooden Crates


Wooden crates are a great addition to any rustic themed wedding because it adds warmth and a feeling of home. They can be used for favor boxes, dessert trays, seating and even standing tables for any reception area. Here are Scaramanga's options so you can get this look:


Idea #4: Wedding Favors!

We love the idea of giving out padlocks as wedding favors, it's like giving your guests a piece of your unbreakable love. Also, a mini journal is great idea for guests to write down their memories of the wedding. Anything that symbolizes love is obviously great, so the heart shaped printing blocks definitely fit the bill.


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