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Vintage Wooden Stools

Vintage Wooden Stools

We've been sourcing authentic vintage furniture for 10 years and vintage wooden stools are always on Carl's list when searching for unique original antique and old furniture around the UK and the world. Old and vintage wooden stools may not be the most decorative piece of furniture, but they are incredibly versatile and functional. Wooden stools have been used in so many ways: farmers for milking cows, as iconic as vintage school stools used around science lab tables, used by machinists in factories, artists for their models, the list is almost endless.
Vintage science lab table with oak srools Vintage science lab table with oak srools
Antique wooden stoll from India Antique wooden stool from India
Today wooden stools are just as popular as they were many years ago we just use them in different ways. In home interior settings stools make simple side tables in a living room or bedside tables in the bedroom. They make simple flexible display spaces for collections and plants. Of course when needed they make handy seating at the dining table. With more formal dining rooms a thing of the past and enlarged homely kitchens where we spend much of our lives breakfast bars stools are very popular. Carl sources and salvages vintage wooden stools from schools, shops, barber shops, factories and offices. We have over 40 available in 5f sizes several painted colours and natural oak, teak and other tropical hardwoods. vinatage stoll lab stools
Old store in Sadar market in Jodhpur Old store in Sadar market in Jodhpur
old wooden stool vintage blue stool barber's shop chair and stools
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