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Vintage Storage - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Storage - The Scaramanga Top Five

Various Vintage Suitcases by Scaramanga
Here at Scaramanga, while we love our vintage leather satchels, we’re also big fans of interiors and homewares. From quirky vintage chairs and benches, to smaller home accents, there’s nothing better than really putting your stamp on a place. Aside from the decoration, though, there are a few practical elements such as storage to consider. Today, we've picked our five top pieces of furniture that can be used to hold everything from books to blankets, and everything in between.
Retro Elm Ercol Trolley, £275
Retro Elm Ercol Trolley, £275.00

If you’re a fan of classic, mid-century furniture and accessories, then our retro elm Ercol trolley, £275, is right up your street. With no marks or scratches, this wonderful three tier trolley would be ideal for holding anything from a small television in the lounge, to tableware in the dining room. Alternatively, think outside the box, and use it as a side table in the bedroom, to store a small lamp, books and alarm clock.

Antique Wedding Chest, £550

Antique Wedding Chest, £550.00

Are you looking for a way to store bulky items in a stylish way? Perhaps you've got things you want to keep hidden, but can’t find anywhere to put them? If that’s the case, then the Scaramanga antique wedding chest, £550, is for you. This beautiful solid teak wedding chest features a decorative inlain panel, brass edgings and a removable inner tray with several different compartments. The main space inside is ideal for storing anything from blankets to toys, books to out-of-season clothing, and the classic antique style makes it perfect for any room in the house.

Vintage Revelation Suitcase, £95

Vintage Revelation Suitcase, £95.00

If you love everything vintage and retro, why not extend your style to your storage? Our vintage revelation suitcase, £95, makes the ideal smaller storage space; with its sturdy, solid sides and spacious interior, it’s the ideal place to keep anything from accessories to clothes. Use this one individually, or alternatively grab a couple, stack them up and make a small feature in an empty corner somewhere.

Teak Display Cabinet, £850

Teak Display Cabinet, £850.00

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that not only accentuates your home, but also provides a practical element, then look no further than the Scaramanga teak display cabinet, £850. Its hinged doors, upper glass windows and beautiful craftsmanship all work together to make a piece that will fit in perfectly in any room – use it as a free standing storage space in the kitchen, or if you’ve got a larger bathroom, use it for storing towels and bath accessories. Alternatively, fill it with toys and games and use it to make the kids room look that tiny bit more organised.

Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50 for a set of three

Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50 for a set of three

Is the mess in the children's room giving you a headache? Perhaps you’re trying to decorate the playroom, but don’t want everything to be made of flimsy plastic? Forget modern toy boxes and plastic storage creates, and instead opt for our vintage apple crates, £82.50 to keep things tidy. Use them for storing toys, or stack them up and use them as bookshelves – they’re the ideal solution to adding a retro twist to a younger room.

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