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Vintage Scandinavian Interior Style By Scaramanga

Vintage Scandinavian Interior Style By Scaramanga

Here at Scaramanga, we have this season's freshest look that combines the nostalgia of vintage with the calmness and clean lines of Scandinavian style interiors and furniture. Our Vintage Scandi furniture is comprised of natural teak wood tables, wooden boxes in cool calm colours, upcycled wooden mirrors and vintage tins that draw on all the colours of our natural environment. The vintage furniture connected with the Scandinavian style furniture, in our neutral colours, brings a tranquility to any space. vintage scandinavian style furniture Our vintage merchant's desks are globally sourced, most originating from India. At nearly 100 years old, the vintage tables were used by merchants all over who sat in front of them, conducting business. We have a selection of the ones you see below with their original paint and restored, so you can bring a bit of the past into your home. These make excellent side tables and come with multiple drawers, so they are not only stylish, but practical. These merchant's desks being low, they are ideal for those low chairs or sofas that make it difficult with traditional side tables or coffee tables. We have an impressive original green leather Danish lounge suite by Ekornes from the 1970s. The suite shows fabulous golden teak and soft green leather. To add adornments to your new Vintage Scandi look, shop our ecclectic range of vintage tins and vintage kantha quilts. These kantha blankets come in bold prints which will bring some different shapes and textures to your home. vintage tins and kantha quilts vintage tins We've hand selected a range of upcycled wooden door panels that have been wonderfully made into wall mirrors. Each vary in size and colour and would look great on it's own or with a few more, you could make a real statement or gallery wall. The natural colours combined with the clean lines of the shape of the mirror are fantastic image of vintage scandi style. We have collected a unique and unparalleled range of upcycled and repurposed mirrors that have been reclaimed from old paneled teak doors, that will adapt to any style of decor you currently have in your home. vintage upcylced mirrors vintage upcycled mirrors With clean lines and simple cool colours, our vintage wooden boxes are a decorator's dream. How doesn't love a box?! With a variance in sizes and styles they can be stacked and or displayed as groups or used on their own on the floor or any tabletop. Our wooden boxes look particularly nice with our vintage padlocks, too. vintage wooden boxes
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