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Vintage Railway Lanterns And Old Train Signs

Vintage Railway Lanterns And Old Train Signs

A trip to India is not complete without a journey on a train. Indian Railways have transported explorers, intrigued authors and inspired filmmakers. That's because there's no other railway like it on earth. The railways connect virtually every corner, pocket and edge and of the huge country that is India. We believe the best way to see India is not on a plane at 33,000 feet, but on the ground on the incredible Indian railway and train network. Traveling on a you experience the bustle of Indian railway stations and what makes travelling by railway in India are the sights, smells, sounds and tastes offered up to the traveller. Indian train These original old enamel train signs are found in the carriages and passageways of Indian Railways' trains and have been salvaged from decommissioned train carriages as Indian Railways modernises its trains and carriages. 'TO STOP TRAIN PULL CHAIN - penalty for use with reasonable and sufficient cause fine upto RS1000 / or imprisonment upto one year'. Is found by the emergency chain-pull boxes at the top of the walls, £17.50. old Indian train sign Other enamel signs are found in the toilets, 'Prevent Fire' sign, 'Help The Railways serve You Better', £25. old enamel train sign old railway sign Carl always makes at least one long distance express sleeper train trip usually from Udaipur to Delhi. The 5pm sleeper from Udaipur to Delhi arrives into a calm peaceful sleepy Delhi at 5am. His favourite train journey is from Jodhpur to the frontier fort town of Jaisalmer. A walled city in the desert full of beautifully carved temples, merchants houses and palaces. Carl's favourite hotel is the Paradise Hotel, run by Captain, it's an old hotel built into the ancient walls of the fort and with stunning views across the city and into the desert beyond. Jaisalmer
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