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Vintage Kantha Quilts Available Now at Scaramanga

Vintage Kantha Quilts Available Now at Scaramanga

Our original vintage kantha quilts are now available!

Pronounced KAHN-taa, this style of quilt originates from the Eastern states of India. Traditionally in this region, women would hand-sew layers of old saris that needed another use after the off cuts of saris became abundant. As you can imagine, Kantha blankets or quilts are made of an array of colours and patterns with visible stitching as part of the design. Each original old kantha quilt is totally unique - you really can't find two alike!


Each quilt or blanket is made of layers of thin saris, so they provide enough warmth to be used as a bed cover as well as a throw over a sofa or chair.

The colours and patterns are wildly different on each kantha, but you'll find that they always complement each other. They bring new colours and a bit of history into the home - who wouldn't love these beautiful and bright kantha blankets ?! .


One of the many special attributes to these kantha quilts is that they have different patterns on either side. Usually one side has a bold, striking print and the other is a bit more subtle. So for those who like to change up their decor fairly often, these are essentially two blankets in one!

Below, you'll see that the long stitch that has been sewn through all the layers of vintage saris is kept revealed, a signature quality to the gorgeous and unique vintage kantha blanket.


We love nothing more than to give you ideas on the multiple uses for our products, so how about using kantha quilts as seat covers.

They are thick, comfortable and if it gets chilly can be used as a blanket for you or guests at your next dinner party! Again, the great thing about kantha blankets is that they aren't supposed to match anything, but rather complement your other items. Take them on a picnic and be the envy of onlookers.

In the tradition of India, why not make it a chai tea picnic with our vintage chai cup trays?




Style Tip: vintage kantha blankets should complement your already beautiful decor, not match, so choose one aspect of the kantha blanket that resembles other aspects of your interior. For example if you have a lot of floral in your lounge, choose a kantha that has leaves or paisley patterns (rather than hard geometric shapes) as these natural lines will complement the natural lines in your floral decor.




Which patterns do you like best?
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