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Vintage Interior Design Makeover For Vintage Eyewear Boutique

Vintage Interior Design Makeover For Vintage Eyewear Boutique

We've teamed up with interior designer and stylist Sooz Gordon and Spex Pistols owner Richard to give his vintage eyewear boutique a Scaramanga vintage makeover. Richard, has been a lens maker since 1987, and started Spex Pistols 5 years ago after he realised customers craved good service and individuality and to dispel the myth that independent eyewear stores had to be more expensive.
vintage furniture A large old blue chest is used to display frames, while a turquoise metal folding chair doubles as book display
His store is packed with the most amazing array of retro Raybans, vintage wing tips, old school aviators and rows and rows of unusual frames old and new in the most imaginable colours and sizes. His frames are all displayed amongst his eclectic collections of vintage toys, old opthamology books, enamel shop signs and antique industrial furniture. All in all a perfect place to add some of our many pieces. We brought in vintage cabinets and cupboards, old Bollywood film posters, antique wooden chests and boxes, old tins and other decorative items. Photos by Ross Fraser McLean at StudioRoRo 03 Read more about Sooz's simple approach to interior design and see our full range of antique and vintage furniture and interiors here. Much of our vintage furniture and interiors were originally used in merchant's store, homes, government offices and small workshops.
04 Old wooden teak display cabinet that would have been used as a shop cabinet in India.
05 Richard has a eye for detail and collects old opthalmic and store signs and packaging
Spex Pistols: 4 Johnston's Lane, West Port, Dundee, DD1 5ET If you are working on a home or commercial project and would like some interior design help or advice contact Sooz Gordon.
Richard Cook outside Spex Pistols Richard Cook outside Spex Pistols
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