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Vintage Inspired Bags - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Inspired Bags - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Leather Flight Bag, £84.50
Here at Scaramanga, we’re mad about our leather satchels – handmade, ethically produced and stylish all at the same time, they manage to be both unique and practical. If you like your accessories with a retro twist, you’re bound to love our range of leather bags that have been designed with the past in mind – from vintage flight bags to mid-century school satchels, we’ve got something for everyone.

Mini Wide Leather Satchel, £65
Mini Wide Leather Satchel, £65.00

If you’re looking for a traditional style leather satchel with a vintage twist, our mini wide leather satchel, £65 will tick all the boxes. This 11-inch, handmade leather satchel features an adjustable 54” strap, double stitching and colourful canvas lining, and is ideal if you want a bag which is practical but still slender in design. As well as the spacious main compartment, there are a further two front pockets, just right for keeping your mobile, keys or wallet to hand.

Large Vintage Leather Saddlebag, £95
Large Vintage Leather Saddlebag, £95.00

Inspired by vintage leather military bags and also antique leather saddlebags used by postmen at the turn of the last century, our large vintage leather saddlebag, £95, is a bag to shout about. Handcrafted from Hunter buffalo leather, the bag has a large main compartment, and a handy front pocket to keep all of your smaller items safe. Industrial style rivets not only increase the strength of the bag, but also adds a retro touch to the utilitarian design.

Large Vintage Flight Bag, £89.50
Large Vintage Flight Bag, £89.50

If you’re looking for a vintage style leather bag, and you love the designs of the seventies, look no further than the Scaramanga large vintage flight bag, £89.50. Inspired by the Pan-Am and BOAC airline flight bags, this spacious 15” leather satchel is roomy enough to fit A4 sized documents and folders, and has a further four pockets on the outside of the bag. The 64” adjustable strap means that it can be worn either over the shoulder or across the body, and the buckle strap fastenings add that extra element of security.

Large 14.5 Inch Black Leather Satchel, £76
Classic Collection 14.5 Inch Black Leather Satchel, £76.00

If you like vintage style bags with a modern twist, then our 14.5 inch black leather satchel, £76, is exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve taken the classic design of an old school satchel, kept the clean lines and come up with a wonderfully stylish yet practical leather bag. The main compartment is large enough to hold anything from papers to folders, books to magazines, with enough space left to squeeze in your diary, mobile and wallet.

Medium 16 Inch Overlander Leather Satchel by Scaramanga
Medium 16 Inch Overlander Leather Satchel, £135.00

If you like your bags a little larger, or you’re looking for a travel bag with a vintage twist, opt for our medium overlander leather satchel, £135. Handmade from distressed leather, our overlander bags are inspired by retro leather pilots cases, but have all the spaciousness of a modern-day travel bag. The huge main compartment is spacious enough to hold a laptop, several folders or luggage for a short trip away, while the small front pocket is perfect for those smaller items that always tend to get lost inside a bigger bag.

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