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Vintage Industrial Homewares - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Industrial Homewares - The Scaramanga Top Five

Industrial Metal Bin, £100
Here at Scaramanga, we love all of our antique and retro homewares, from carved art deco cabinets, to mid-century modern tables and chairs, but the one style that we’re really fond of is vintage industrial. Rustic wooden shelves, metal storage and steel units all work together with colourful Aztec rugs and pure white walls to create an interior that’s both beautifully functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Luxo Industrial Desk Lamp, £110

Industrial Desk Lamp, £110.00

If you’re looking for industrial style lighting, there’s nothing better than a classic swing-arm desk lamp. Dating from the late 1960s, our industrial desk lamp, £110, was manufactured by Scandinavian company Luxo, and is made from a combination of orange metal and shiny plastic. Featuring an articulating arm and a clamp to attach the light to a table or desk, it’s the ideal addition to any lounge, bedroom or study.

Metal Industrial Stacking Chairs, £85 per pair

Metal Industrial Stacking Chairs, £85.00 per pair

To add an element of industrial chic to your kitchen or dining room, opt for our metal industrial stacking chairs, £85 per pair, manufactured by Sebel & Co during the 1950s. Constructed from beech plywood seats and backrests, and a tubular metal frame, these beautiful chairs would have been originally used in cafes or restaurants during the middle of the last century. Ideal for kitchens or dining rooms that are short on space, stack them up when not in use and store them tidily in the corner.

Vintage Blue Metal Shelving Unit, £325

Vintage Blue Metal Shelving Unit, £325.00

To take your kitchen from ordinary to outstanding, the Scaramanga vintage blue metal shelving unit, £325, is the ideal choice. Once found in kitchens all over India, these shelving units are made from metal, and have a faded, distressed blue finish which makes them perfect for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise dull space. Featuring upper utensil hooks, various compartments and plenty of shelving, it would make an ideal storage space for any retro themed kitchen or bathroom.

Vintage Copper Ships Spotlight, £390

Vintage Copper Ships Spotlight, £390.00

If you’re looking for some truly original lighting for your bedroom or lounge, our vintage copper ships spotlight, £390 could be just the thing for you. A bespoke design, created especially for Scaramanga, this wonderful piece of lighting history was originally used on 20th-century ship loading docks, and has been finished by attaching it to an antique teak base. Taken from the ship breaking yards in Bangladesh, we’ve restored the copper to a high polish, leaving the light ready for use again - this time on land rather than at sea.

Upcycled Oak Dining Table, £980

Upcycled Oak Dining Table, £980.00

If you like truly unique, one-off pieces, then the Scaramanga upcycled oak dining table, £980, is the ideal choice for your kitchen or dining room. Constructed from a pair of vintage oak library index card drawers, and mounted on a set of specially designed industrial steel legs, this beautiful table comes complete with eight drawers on each side, and we’ve even included some of the original index cards, which add a touch of nostalgia and provide an excellent talking point.

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