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Vintage Home Makeover - The Lounge

Vintage Home Makeover - The Lounge

Vintage Embroidered Banjara Cushion, £90
Spring is the perfect time to throw open the windows, reshuffle your furniture and make a few new additions to your home. If you’re looking to give your house or flat a makeover, look no further than Scaramanga to help – from handmade cushions to vintage tables, large storage to small accessories, we’ve got the lot. This week, we’re featuring the best retro homewares to add a unique touch to your lounge.
Red and Blue Vintage Embroidered Banjara Cushion, £90
Green, Red and Yellow Vintage Embroidered Banjara Cushion, £45
Vintage Cushion Covers, various prices from £42.50

When it comes to furnishing a lounge, the first thing that most people think of is the element of comfort. Whether watching television, reading, or simply chatting, the most important thing is to have somewhere comfortable to sit – our range of vintage cushion covers will add an eclectic touch to any sofa or armchair. Originally used as bags, these stunning cushion covers are made from hand loomed cotton cloth, with a reverse panel quilted with simple running stitch. Choose from several different colours, such as the red and blue vintage Banjara cushion, £90, or the green, red and yellow vintage Banjara cushion, £45, both featuring heavy embroidery, appliqué and embellishments.

Colourful Striped Woolly Blankets, £15
Woolly Blanket, £15.00

Whether you’re looking for something to hide a multitude of sofa sins, or something to cosy up under during the chilly evenings, our woolly blankets, £15, will satisfy any colour cravings you might have. From striking bold stripes to subtle pastel shades, these fringed blankets will brighten up any lounge, whether draped over the back of the couch, or stacked in a pile in the corner, ready for use.

Retro Teak Tables by Nathan, £175
Retro Teak Tables by Nathan, £175.00

If you’re looking for vintage furniture to pop your coffee cup on, you’ll love the Scaramanga retro teak tables by Nathan, £175. This wonderful 1950’s style furniture set features elliptical shapes and sleek tapered legs, typical of the period of manufacture, and comprises of three small tables that nestle comfortably under one large glass topped table. Either use them together as one item of furniture, or separate them out and dot them around the room as useful surfaces for drinks, books and more.

Antique White Pine Chest, £200
Antique White Pine Chest, £200
Set of Three Wooden Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50
White Wooden Chest, £200.00 and Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50 for a set of three

Whether you’re a book lover, film fanatic, or a crafty type, one thing is certain – you’re going to need some storage in your lounge to keep everything in order. Forget wobbly high street shelves and rickety conveyer belt boxes, opt for our white wooden chest, £200, for a vintage style storage solution that’ll last longer than its modern day rivals. This beautiful antique chest consists of a lidded compartment, and a beautiful tiled-pattern interior – ideal for storing anything from blankets to books and everything in between. For a truly retro storage solution, why not choose our set of three vintage apple crates, £82.50? These beautiful old French crates have the name of the farm printed on the side, and date from the 1960's. We've hand brushed them, sanded them and then added wax for a beautiful finish, leaving them the ideal place to store your books, CDs and even childrens toys.

Vintage Hand Carved Candleholder, £20
Original Vintage Indian Print, £65
Antique Brown Leather Embossed Sketchbook, £49
Carved Candleholder, £20.00, Old Indian Print, £65.00 and Antique Leather Sketchbook, £49.00

While furniture and furnishings are obviously important, it’s the little things that make a house into a home. Here at Scaramanga, we’ve got a wide range of home accessories, such as our collection of carved candleholders, designed to add interest to even the smallest corners of your home. Each one is hand carved from dark hardwood, such as the carved candleholder, £20, and has a unique shape and texture, ideal for holding either chunky church candles or a slimmer tapered variety. Add some colour to your walls with our old Indian Print, £65, which is just one of a large range of vintage Indian artworks, all over 60 years old and mounted in their original frames. Beautifully kitsch and full of bright tones, these will brighten up even the plainest walls. Make your coffee table earn its keep by stacking up a selection of our vintage leather notebooks, sketchbooks and photo albums. Our antique brown leather embossed sketchbook, £49, has been handcrafted from 70 pages of heavyweight paper and reclaimed vintage leather covers, and bound using traditional bookbinding skills - the perfect addition to any vintage style lounge.

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