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Vintage Home Makeover - The Bedroom

Vintage Home Makeover - The Bedroom

Vintage Bedroom Makeover by Scaramanga
Spring is the perfect time to throw open the windows, reshuffle your furniture and make a few new additions to your home. If you’re looking to give your house or flat a makeover, look no further than Scaramanga to help – from handmade cushions to vintage tables, large storage to small accessories, we’ve got the lot. This week, we’re featuring the best retro homewares to add a unique touch to your bedroom.

Turquoise Vintage Bedspread, £85
Old Banjara Cushion Cover, £80

Considering statistics report that we spend almost half of our lives asleep, it stands to reason that we want our bedrooms to be as stylish, restful and relaxing as possible. Arguably, the most important aspect of any bedroom is the bed – we sleep in it, read in it and often watch television in it, so it’s important that it’s a place of comfort. Make your bed cosy with our turquoise vintage bedspread, £85, which has been handstitched with vintage floral print fabric, and then add in a few plump cushions encased in one of our old Banjara cushion covers, from £42.50. Originally used as bags, these beautiful cushion covers have been made from hand loomed cotton and finished with appliqué, and will add a pop of colour to any bed.

Vintage Colonial Armoire, £750
Vintage Factory Stool, £50

After a place to sleep, the most important thing to consider when styling your bedroom is choosing the furniture. Rather than heading to the high street for mass-produced, flimsy wardrobes and side tables, why not browse the vintage furniture at Scaramanga? Our vintage teak armoire, £750, is full of character, and features a handpainted image of a peacock on the door, three generous shelves and a drawer at the bottom. Keep your lamp, book and alarm clock within easy reach by using our vintage factory stool, £50, as a bedside table – dating from the 1960s, this lovely stool was originally used in a printing factory in Kirkaldy, Scotland, and has a sturdy construction and wonderfully simple design.

Antique Oak Coffer, £485
Vintage Travel Trunk, £215
Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50
Old Wooden Box, £105

Storage us important in all areas of your home, but probably more so in the bedroom. Store your bulky bed linens, blankets or out of season clothes in our antique oak coffer, £485, which has generous W119cmxD54xH69 dimensions, and a flat top which could easily double as a small table. For something a little more retro and quirky, opt for the vintage travel trunk, £215, which has a spacious main compartment, removeable trays and a gorgeous printed lining. If you like to keep your belongings on show, choose our set of three vintage apple crates, £82.50, which date from the 1960s and still have the original branding stamped on the side – gorgeously rustic, these crates will add a retro look to any bedroom. If you’re looking for a place to store your jewellery, accessories or cufflinks, we’ve got the answer. Our wide range of wooden boxes, like the old wooden box, £105, are the ideal places to keep your precious items – with beautiful finishes, and internal compartments, they manage to be both practical and stylish.

Vintage Bedroom Makeover by Scaramanga
Vintage Pendant Light Shade, £100
Vintage Anglepoise Lamp, £70
Old Framed Mirror, £150
Retro Mirror, £36
Old Candleholder, £40

It’s the little extras that make a house into a home, and this is definitely true of the bedroom. Here at Scaramanga, we stock a wide range of vintage and retro accessories, such as the vintage pendant light shade, £100. Made from reclaimed steel, this quirky light fitting will look right at home in your retro bedroom – for a bedside lamp, choose our anglepoise lamp, £70, which can be angled for bedtime reading or watching television. Whether you’re applying make-up, or doing your hair, the one accessory that’s definitely a necessity is a mirror – our old framed mirror, £150, has a handy shelf and a drawer to store smaller items in, while our retro mirror, £36 dates from the 1960s and will look perfect in any retro themed bedroom. If you’re a fan of candles, our range of candleholders are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, such as the old candleholder, £40, which has been reclaimed from an old seed spreader and hand carved to give a truly unique finish.

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