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Vintage Home Makeover - the Bathroom

Vintage Home Makeover - the Bathroom

Vintage Bathroom by Scaramanga
Spring is the perfect time to throw open the windows, reshuffle your furniture and make a few new additions to your home. If you’re looking to give your house or flat a makeover, look no further than Scaramanga to help – from handmade cushions to vintage tables, large storage to small accessories, we’ve got the lot. This week, we’re featuring the best retro homewares to add a unique touch to your bathroom. Furniture
Vintage Bathroom Cabinet, £195
Small Vintage Bathroom Cabinet, £95
While adding a claw-footed bath and antique taps to your bathroom might be the most desirable way to take it back in time, there are several far more pocket-friendly solutions. Starting with the bathroom cabinet is the most obvious choice, and here at Scaramanga, we’ve got a wide selection of vintage cupboards that are just waiting to hold your toothbrush. The vintage bathroom cabinet, £195, features a glass front, mirror and three shelves, and will comfortable store everything from toothpaste to beauty products. For something a little smaller, why not try our small vintage bathroom cabinet, £95 – with a glass front and a single shelf, this is the ideal size cupboard for smaller families or single people.
Vintage Stacking Chairs, £200 for four
Vintage White Stool, £47.40

If you’ve got the space, there’s something rather nice about adding a stool or chair to the bathroom, tucked away in the corner somewhere. The Scaramanga vintage stacking chairs, £200 for four, are ideal – suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and made of hard wearing tubular steel and woven hessian, they’ll add an industrial retro touch to any bathroom. For something slightly smaller, why not opt for our wonderfully versatile vintage white stool, £47.40, which could be used as a seat, or as somewhere to display a large potted plant.


Remploy Vintage Broom Cupboard, £150
Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50
If you’re the proud owner of a large bathroom, why not add some statement storage in there? The vintage broom cupboard by Remploy, £150, is perfect for storing anything from towels to toilet rolls, and even has a large space for keeping a mop and broom. Dating from the 1960s, this genuine vintage cupboard would be ideal for spacious bathrooms which have room for freestanding furniture. If your bathroom is more compact and cosy, don’t despair – the Scaramanga vintage apple crates, £82.50, are perfect for the bathroom. Available with or without casters, they’re wonderfully versatile, and can be used to keep your towels folded neatly, or your cosmetic s stored tidily; the spacious dimensions mean they’re the ideal solution if you have a lot to store but hardly any space, while the original farm stamp on the side adds a touch of rustic charm.
Vintage Turquoise Coat Hook, £40

The most important storage of all to be considered in a bathroom is that of wet towels. Rather than choosing to hang them over the top of the door, or using mass-produced rails from the high street, why not opt for our vintage turquoise coat hook, £40? Made from brightly coloured reclaimed, distressed hardwood and solid iron hooks, this rack is the ideal way to hang your towels up in style.

Accessories and Decoration

Retro Mirror, £36
Old Bathroom Mirror, £40
Arguably the most enjoyable part of decorating any room is adding the finishing touches, and here at Scaramanga we’ve got a huge selection of delightful accessories that will add a retro touch to even the smallest of spaces. The most obvious addition to any bathroom has to be a mirror – shun plastic and MDF, and instead choose reclaimed and full of character, such as the retro mirror, £36, which dates from the 1960s and features the circular shape typical of the period. For something specifically tailored to the bathroom, opt for our old bathroom mirror, £40 instead, which features a small storage compartment and shelf, and is made from beautifully restored and distressed wood.
Vintage Pendant Light Shade, £100

Lighting in a bathroom is always a tricky subject, particularly since adding lamps is pretty much a no-go area. Add a touch of retro industrial chic to your bathroom instead, with the Scaramanga vintage pendant light shade, £100. Upcycled from an old steel desk lamp, this incredible light shade will reflect the light beautifully, brightening up even the smallest and darkest spaces.

Flat Old Wooden Bowl, £15
Large Old Wooden Bowl, £37.50
Here at Scaramanga, we believe our beautiful wooden bowls aren’t just suited to the kitchen – they can make excellent bathroom accessories as well. If you’re looking for an imaginative soap dish, why not choose our flat old wooden bowl, £15, which is hand carved and is large enough to hold several different bars of soap. Alternatively, opt for our large old wooden bowl, £37.50, which is also hand carved, but has higher sides and would be perfect for storing rolled up washcloths or cosmetics.
Vintage Indian Print, £75
Antique Spring Water Bottle, £8

Finally, add some retro decoration in the form of our vintage Indian print, £75, which is mounted in its original frame, and will add a pop of colour to even the plainest of walls. If you’re the type who loves flowers in every room, our antique spring water bottle, £8 is the perfect place to display a bunch of blooms on a window sill or narrow shelf.

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