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Vintage Cabinets - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Cabinets - The Scaramanga Top Five

Old Cabinet, £270
Here at Scaramanga, we’re huge fans of everything vintage and retro, particularly when it comes to furniture. From melamine tables from the 1960’s, to mid-century stools and wartime chairs, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to give your home a retro twist. We’ve recently added a huge amount of vintage cabinets to our shop, and have picked out our five favourites, just for you.

Old Wooden Cupboard, £525
Old Wooden Cupboard, £525.00

If you love retro styled storage, but you’re not keen on plain wood, you’re bound to love our old wooden cupboard, £525. Painted canary yellow, and featuring shelving and a drawer hidden behind a set of distressed double doors, this beautiful vintage cabinet is perfect for holding anything from clothing to bed linen or books.

Art Deco Cabinet, £435
Art Deco Cabinet, £435.00

Whether you’re on the lookout for a cupboard that stands out from the crowd, or one with history attached, the Scaramanga art deco cabinet, £435, will tick all the boxes. Dating from the art deco period, this wonderful cabinet is crafted from teak, and boasts a glass door painted with the image of a peacock. Aside from the stunning exterior, the cabinet also features a single shelf and a lower drawer, ideal for all your storage needs.

Art Deco Colonial Cabinet by Scaramanga
Art Deco Colonial Cabinet, £195.00

If you’re looking for smaller storage, that you’re hoping to mount on the wall, look no further than the art deco colonial cabinet, £195. Measuring W39cmxD14xH96, and with three shelves, this smaller cabinet would have been originally used for storing spices, but would work equally well as a bathroom cabinet, or in a modern day kitchen. Alternatively, place it in the childrens room, and use it to house keepsakes and small mementoes.

Remply Vintage Broom Cupboard, £150

Vintage Broom Cupboard by Remploy, £150.00

For something really unique and multi-purpose, opt for the Scaramanga vintage broom cupboard by Remploy, £150. Dating from the 1960s and stamped with the original brand name, this fabulous white vintage cupboard would have originally been used to hold the household broom and cleaning equipment – bring it bang up to date by placing it in the hallway, bedroom or lounge, and use it to store anything from toys or books to bedding and clothes. The generous shelving and spacious dimensions make it the ideal unit for a variety of different situations.

Vintage Kitchen Unit, £350

Vintage Kitchen Unit, £350.00

If you’re looking for a cabinet that’s truly multi-purpose, you’ll love our vintage kitchen unit, £350, which would have been used originally during the 1960’s. Packed full of retro features, the unit boasts a huge amount of storage, frosted glass doors, and a pull down shelf which could double as a small table. One of our most versatile cabinets, it could easily be used as a work unit in a study, a storage centre in the lounge, or as it was intended – as a piece of freestanding kitchen furniture.

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