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Vintage & Antique Leather Suitcases Used 6 Different Ways

Vintage & Antique Leather Suitcases Used 6 Different Ways


I think we all, well most, have a love for old leather suitcases, right? A suitcase can symbolize so much for people, they can say, I'm going somewhere, or I've been somewhere, they also say I've been seen or I've seen things. These are things we can all relate to on some level. Antique or old suitcases made from leather have a real distinction about them, a quality that lacks in most suitcases today. However, since it's not always practical or travel with leather suitcase, we find other uses for these gems, such as decoration. Below are some inspiring ways to decorate with them. Whether an old leather suitcase was passed down to you from a family member with their initials in it or you bought one from charity shop or you moved into a house with a secret attic full of them (ah, can you imagine!), you might be stuck on how to use it. We've gathered 6 of our favourite and easy ways to decorate with them. #1: This is probably the simplest way to use them, as a night stand or side table. That's right, just stack them up!
Tips: stack from largest to smallest for a secure foundation, stay in colour theme or style and use them as storage to save on space. The 3 Scaramanga suitcases would work really well together stacked because while each is different, they are all brown leather and would compliment one another. thumb_tlnm45409-2 thumb_tcbs45178-2 thumb_tlnm45300-2 #2: Use them as decoration, as you would art or books. tumblr_mg84tk09QT1rz8t4lo1_500 Tips: Add them to an area that needs a different texture, add them as a pop of colour, use them as a base for a vase of flowers. Here are three Scaramanga suitcases that are smaller so you can easily place on them tables. thumb_tlnm45314-2 thumb_tlnm45351-4a thumb_tlnm45252-4 #3 Here we start to get a little more creative. You can cut them and use them as shelves. This gives a real vintage or retro vibe to an entire room and is a great way to up-cycle and show your creative side.

Tips: Use suitcases that you're not going to want 'whole' again, have a professional cut and hang them, make sure your suitcases are hard so you can easily place items on them. Usually retro style suitcases, like these would work best. thumb_tlnm45269-2thumb_tlnm45396-1thumb_tlnm45265-2 #4: A bathroom cabinet or vanity. Put a mirror on the front and insert a shelf inside and you've got a cabinet.


Tips: Make sure the exterior of the suitcases can withstand the steam from a bathroom, use a professional if in doubt.thumb_tlnm45250-2 thumb_tlnm45222-2 thumb_tlnm45247-3a #5: Because cats! With a cushion inside, most suitcases are the perfect depth for most cats and some dogs to relax. il_570xN.327667747 Tips: Make sure your suitcase is strong and is assembled carefully with whatever you use as the legs. This will take some time and care to be 100% certain it's secure and steady for animals to jump on and off of. thumb_tlnm45142-1 thumb_tlnm45349-2 thumb_tlnm45247-3a #6: Start collecting and go all out with an entire wall of vintage & old suitcases!


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