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Vintage and Retro Tables - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage and Retro Tables - The Scaramanga Top Five

Antique Hall Table, £250
With vintage and antique furniture at the height of its popularity, here at Scaramanga our stock never stays around for too long, so we don’t have much time to get attached to any of the pieces. That said, we’re particularly fond of some of the tables we’ve got in at the moment, and whether you’re looking for something to stand your water glass on at night, or a place to sit for a family meal, we’ve got just the thing.
Upcycled Oak Dining Table, £980

Upcycled Oak Dining Table, £980.00

Of all the tables we have in stock, the upcycled oak dining table, £980, is one of our most unique. Made from a pair of vintage oak library index card cabinets, and then mounted on strong metal legs, this industrial style table would look at home in any vintage or rustic themed room. With eight index card drawers on each side, there’s plenty of room to store anything from cutlery to stationary, making this table ideal for use in any room in the house.

Art Deco Office Desk, £400

Art Deco Office Desk, £400.00

Made from heavy teak, and dating from the 1930s, this beautiful sturdy antique Art Deco office desk, £400 would sit perfectly in any study or lounge, and is bursting with traditional features. With four generous drawers, and a separate side document compartment, there’s plenty of space to store any work equipment, and a pull out shelf makes a handy extra space.

Old School Desk, £150

Old School Desk, £150.00

If you’re looking for a versatile table, that can grow and adapt to family life, our old school desk, £150, is just the thing. Constructed from thick teak, this wonderful old desk measures W66cmxD49XH47, making it ideal for any number of uses; as a bedside table, as a young persons desk or craft station, as a side table in the lounge or even as a quirky coffee table. The flat top lifts up to reveal a small compartment, ideal for storing anything from books to magazines, toys to art supplies.

Vintage School Desk and Bench, £145

Vintage School Desk and Bench, £145.00

Are you looking for quirky furniture for a child’s room? Perhaps you want to find a place they can draw, paint and craft, but aren’t keen on any of the high street desks or tables? For a truly retro place for your little one to sit, choose the Scaramanga vintage school desk and bench, £145. Dating from around the 1950s, this lovely little desk is made from strong, thick teak, and features a sloping top, small shelf and bench style seat attached at the bottom.

Vintage Factory Stool, £50

Vintage Factory Stool, £50.00

Here at Scaramanga, we love thinking outside the box, and using furniture in hundreds of different ways. While it might not strictly be a table, the vintage factory stool, £50, could easily be used as a bedside table, plant holder or side table in the lounge, rather than in the kitchen or craft room. Hailing from an old printing factory in Kirkaldy, Scotland, and with a simple, clean design, this beautiful old stool would be the perfect place to stand your bedroom lamp or bathroom plant.

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