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Vintage and Retro Chairs, Stacking, Folding, Church & School Chairs By Scaramanga

Vintage and Retro Chairs, Stacking, Folding, Church & School Chairs By Scaramanga

Vintage Folding Chairs £40
......Here at Scaramanga, we’re known best for our handmade leather satchels and restored vintage wooden chests, but we actually stock far more than just bags and boxes. We’re starting a new series on the blog which will introduce you to our lesser known, but equally brilliant furniture pieces and homewares – this time it’s the turn of some retro-fabulous chairs and benches. Read on for a selection of the five most stylish things to pop your bottom on!
Date stamped 1968, these chairs are the cream of the vintage crop, hailing all the way from Ohio, USA. Made by The General Fireproofing Company, they feature a chrome plated steel frame and pressed seat and back rest, and are a prime example of mid-century modern chairs / seating. The company originated in 1902 as a manufacturer of fireproof building products, but soon turned their hands to general office furniture, before finally discontinuing most of their lines during the 1970’s. Previous usage would more than likely have included places of work, such as offices or schools, but these chairs would act as the perfect finishing touch to any vintage style kitchen or dining room.
If you prefer your vintage seating a little more rustic, why not opt for a set of four old church chairs? In their original condition, each chair is upholstered in ox blood red vinyl covering, and has two book stores – one on the reverse of the backrest, and the other underneath the seat, making them the perfect places to store table accessories such as mats or napkins. More solid than their plastic or metal retro counterparts, these wooden chairs are often seen in bistros and restaurants, and are sure to add the perfect vintage feel to your home.
For something a little bit different, look no further than our wonderful solid teak old school benches, all in fabulous condition and completely free from any deep scratches or damage, which you might expect from furniture that has spent its life being trodden on! Whether you need seating or a craft area for children, or simply something to add a vintage touch, these benches are ideal. Alternatively, stack them up and use them as a completely unique style of shelving in a lounge or study.
If your home is a little more compact, you might have previously thought that a dining table and chairs is out of the question. But before you start eating with a tray balanced on your knees, check out our vintage tubular chairs from Remploy. Dating from the 1945, the company was initially set up to employ those disabled by acts of war, and provided brand new goods for homes and businesses everywhere. Fully stackable, and therefore wonderfully space-saving, these lovely chairs are constructed from a metal tubular frame with a polished beech plywood seat and back. Quirky to look at, comfortable to sit on, and perfect for even the smallest of spaces.
For those who love nothing more than furnishing their home with history, our old Air Ministry chairs are the obvious choice. Existing from 1918 to 1964, the Ministry was in charge of managing affairs for the Royal Air Force, and these chairs would have been used by staff members at one of the various premises during meetings. Date stamped, and marked with the official Air Ministry logo, these colourful chairs are ideal for vintage or period themed homes, and fold flat for storage. Alternatively, use them outside as garden chairs, and add a retro feel to your outdoor space.
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