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Valentines Day - Scaramanga Style

Valentines Day - Scaramanga Style

Vintage Green Glass Bottle, £10
The supermarkets are saturated with pink decorations, huge heart-covered displays are everywhere and the florists are enjoying their busiest time of year; it can only mean one thing – Valentines Day is lurking just around the corner. Year after year, we trot out the same predictable presents; flowers, chocolates and cards (from Paperchase if the recipient is lucky, or the local garage if they’re not), which by the middle of the following week will inevitably have wilted / been eaten / recycled. If you’re desperate to give a loved one a gift with a difference this year, forget the blooms and head straight to Scaramanga instead; from retro delights to handmade satchels, we’ve got a little something that everyone can enjoy.
Wooden Printing Blocks, Various Prices

For the creative types

If you’re looking for a long-lasting present for someone who likes all things crafty and creative, our printing blocks make excellent little gifts. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and designs, they’re hand carved from wood, come complete with drawstring gift-bags and start at just £2.50. Choose from sets, such as the wooden animal printing block set, £12, or stick with the Valentines theme and opt for one of the individual heart-shaped stamps, £7 for the large version, and £2.50 for the smaller design.

Antique Spring Water Bottle, £8

For the vintage and retro fans

Trying to find a gift for anyone who has a love of vintage and retro homewares and accessories can be a daunting task; there’s an endless array of periods and styles to choose from, and getting it right can be difficult. Here at Scaramanga, we love everything with a bit of history, and have an entire section of our shop dedicated to home accessories from days gone by; from vintage suitcases to antique cupboards, there’s something for every area of the home. For a sweet Valentines gift, grab a few of our antique spring water bottles, £8 or vintage green glass bottles, £10, fill them with flowers and dot them around the house.

Medium Wide Vintage Leather Satchel with Front Pocket, £58.50

For the accessory lovers

Whether your partner is a student who spends most of their time in lecture halls, or an employee who regularly carries a laptop to and from work, the Scaramanga medium wide vintage leather satchel with front pocket, £58.50 would almost certainly be a welcome addition to their daily wardrobe. With enough space for a 15-inch laptop, numerous extra compartments and an adjustable strap, the medium wide satchel is one of our most versatile and well-loved bags.

Scaramanga journals make ideal Valentines Day gifts
For the writers, artists and list-makers

Ideal as notebooks, travel journals, diaries or even sketchbooks, the Scaramanga journals make perfect gifts; choose from handcarved leather, beautiful silky sari or colourful fabric designs, all in various sizes. The Meenakshi leather journal, £35, features a leather cover embellished with hand-finished yellow and red flowers, making it the ideal gift, while the silky sari travel notebook, £7 is available in a range of colours and is the perfect place to record anything important.

Red Leather iPad Satchel, £65

For the technology addicts

If your partner loves their iPad, Kindle or Android Tablet almost as much as you, they’ll love the red leather iPad Satchel, £65. Handmade in bright, eye-popping red leather, and featuring an adjustable strap and magnetic fastener, this is the ideal gift for anyone who likes to stay connected whilst on the go. The generous dimensions make it perfect for keeping technology safe and secure, while still leaving enough room inside for any essentials or papers.

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