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Vintage Valentines Gifts 2020 | by Scaramanga

Vintage Valentines Gifts 2020 | by Scaramanga

We have a lovely collection of unique Valentine's Day Gifts , for men, women, galentines and more. Rose are nice, cards are sweet, but why not consider giving a unique valentines gifts such as vintage padlocks that symbolise locking up your love, to personalised gifts that made just for your loved one. So ditch the ordinary this valentine's day 2020 and shop the Scaramanga collection of unique gifts. Nothing is more personal than a personalised gift for women. But sometimes a girl doesn't want her classic leather handbag embossed with initials, so we thoughtfully designed little leather bag tags that can be embossed with initials, dates or words that simply attach to any one of ladies handbags. Nice, right?! These are interchangeable and comes in our antique caramel leather or hunter distressed leather. personalised leather purse personalised leather handbags Our old vintage padlocks have been a top seller now for years, they are each one of a kind and sourced from all around India. Used for locking up bar windows in India, these vintage padlocks are now used by many as gifts to lock up love. Give someone one of these brass padlocks, then make a special outing to a bridge or other memorable landmark, lock up your love, then toss away the key and that's your Valentine's Day sorted. Shop our love locks today and thank us later :) The best Valentines gifts! love padlocks vintage love padlocks Next up in our Valentines Gifts hit list, our thoughtfully design our leather rucksack for those who spend as much time in the city as they do exploring the country. It's smart shape conveniently holds laptops and folders and is obviously smart enough for the daily commute. Backpacks for men are hard to find, they tend to be designed just for the outdoors, that's why we find our backpack for men really fills a void. This is one of our favourite valentines day gifts for men and will help you go straight in the good books. leather backpack Another great ideas for Valentine's Gifts for men or women is one of our vintage shaving boxes. Especially if you've got a man with an affinity for his beard and you've got him all the beard oil on the market! This is something new that most likely he won't have. These vintage boxes were once used by Indian barbers who would give wet shaves on the streets, they would carry their supplies inside and use the mirror to show their clients their freshly shaved face. If your guy has a beard, then he'll need a place to store all his waxes and oils, so have a look at our large collection of vintage shaving boxes today. This has to be one of our favourite valentines gifts for him. unique valentines gifts for men unique gifts for men If you know a writer, artist, poet or traveler then consider giving them a unique leather journal. Handcrafted by talented artisans, our leather journals have the appeal of something Indiana Jones would carry and are loved by man. The rich distressed leather inspires and invokes a bit of nostalgia in writers and the leather softens with time. You can take this unique gift a step further and personalise it with initials, dates or a little word. Our vintage journals also affordable with our small vintage journal. Enjoy choosing a leather notebook that your friend is sure to love. This best valentines gift for her. leather journal leather journals Do you know a women who appreciates the small things? If so, our leather handbag, the wristlet clutch is a perfect choice. This leather handbag has multiple compartments, leaving women feeling organised and secure always knowing where things are. We designed this handbag with a wristlet handle so it's easy and comfortable to carry. If you would like a personalised gift for Valentine's Day then opt for embossing and we'll happily add her initials, a special date or meaningful word to the attached bag tag.tan clutch bag We have a lovely collection of painted postcards in stock, these make amazing gifts that will impress just about anyone. These intricately painted birds have been hand painted onto lovely old postcards that each come with their own history. One of these would be very special for valentines day gifts, but a few would start a lifelong collection of artwork. Colourful and vibrant art doesn't have to be expensive, these lovely hand-painted pictures start at £4.50. valentine's gifts 2017 Do you know somebody that doesn't buy bags for themselves, but need one? This leather duffle bag has been our best selling bag since we got it. It's the ideal weekend bag or travel bag, not only is it designed for style, but it's extremely practical as well. The large compartment that makes up this weekend bag will hold a few changes of clothes, couple pairs of shoes and much much more. The leather is thick and sturdy, which is why it's an ideal travel bag, but it will soften and be very supple in no time. This is a bit more of an investment gift for a valentines for him, but we're sure the quality and style of this leather duffle bag will last for many years to come. We'll let you in on a great offer, we offer free UK shipping on orders over £70 and free International Delivery on Bag orders over £100. leather duffle bag You literally can't go wrong with giving him a new wallet, right? This men's wallet with coin pocket is ideal as it will hold notes, bills, multiple cards and coins. The thick hearty leather allows this men's wallet to last for years to come and it only gets better looking with age. This is kind of a no-fuss wallet for no-fuss kind of guys. Shop more Valentine's Gifts for men today and we make waiting till the last minute doable with next day shipping. mens wallet with coin pocket
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