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Unique Storage Solutions | by Scaramanga

Unique Storage Solutions | by Scaramanga

Finding unique storage solutions can be tricky, sure you can easily buy cheap plastic containers, but then you have to hide them in closets. We believe storage solutions should be multi-functional, affordable and unique, that's why we supply a large variety of storage chests, storage boxes, shoe storage and an array of kitchen storage ideas that are hand selected from around the world. A bedroom storage solution to us means using a storage chest for extra blankets, pillows and decor, but leaving it clear on top so it can be used as a seat where you can put your shoes on. So while plastic tubs seem like the easy solution, our vintage furniture for the home provides the same amount of storage, but in a much more stylish way. Take our blanket boxes and storage chests for example, they provide a lot of storage for anything you want to keep out of site, but can also be used as a seat or a table top. The best part about wooden storage chests is that they easily suit any decor you might already have going on in your home, whether is vintage or modern, a wooden storage chest always fits in. All Scaramanga wooden chests are original teak, so they are sturdy, well made and are of great craftsmanship. scaramanga storage chest wooden storage chest blanket box wooden storage chest Other great options we have for unique storage solutions are our antique wedding chests, treasure chests and stationary chests. These vary slightly from our traditional storage chests in that they are a bit more ornate, the wedding chests and stationary chests will often times have mirrors or compartments inside, while our treasure chests look like they would hold old pirate's booty with ornate brass fittings. vintage storage chest wooden storage boxes Scaramanga also hand selects original and unique vintage wardrobes which make a lovely addition to any room, while providing a great amount of storage. Our selection of vintage cupboards easy to shop and since we have everything in stock, shipping is fast and affordable. storage cupboard It doesn't get any more unique than our our vintage apple crates used as storage. These wooden storage boxes look great on top of a cupboard, under desks or tables or stacked up, they would even make a great bedside table. wooden storage boxes sWhy not consider bringing vintage suitcases into your interior scheme? They obviously provide great storage, they're suitcases, and the interior styling options are limitless. Stack them up to make a lovely side table or bedside table, place them on top of wardrobes or cupboards, under beds and more. Our range of vintage leather suitcases is one of the biggest in the UK. vintage leather suitcase As much as we love vintage furniture at Scaramanga, we also love repurposed and upcycled furniture. These repurposed drawers make ideal wooden storage boxes, the small sections make organising cutlery easy and stylish. Wouldn't this be great on your table at your next BBQ? cutlery holder Not just for placing on tables or counter tops, but our repurposed drawers or wooden storage boxes make great storage shelves, whether it's keeping art supplies tidy, or displaying your collections of curios. wooden storage boxes wooden storage boxes Or perhaps you want to use these repurposed drawers as shoe storage, they hold a number of little shoes will looking pretty cool too. Easy to slide under beds, but you don't have to, they will look great sitting out in any room. shoe storage shoe storage We know how important it is to keep pencils, pens and markers organised on a desk, so we've collected a stylish variety of old colourful tins that act as unique pencil holders. Their pop of colour and one of a kind prints make them stand our pieces that are well suited for any desk top. vintage tins upcycled wooden drawer Save
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