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Unique Gift Guide for an Unique Christmas

Unique Gift Guide for an Unique Christmas

We've put together a very clear and simple gift guide that will help you shop for everyone in your life and on your list. We have such a wide range of unique and even one of a kind gift options, that you'll be sure certain to get something truly special. So get-gifting! 1. The vintage shaving box. The ultimate cool gift to give to the men in your life. Each and everyone is original and full of unique touches. These shaving boxes looks handsome and rustic, perfect addition to every bathroom. From only £35. 2. For the People who have every gadget imaginable or love to keep their keys in one spot: Our brand new for Christmas 2020, leather valet trays are a perfect gift. They are a great addition to any room, adding some ruggish charm and originality. From, £12.50 3. Another newbie for 2020, our brand new leather bookmarks. Coming in two different sizes that can be personalised to create a truly thoughtful gift. They would make a beautiful stocking filler this year. From only, £2.50 4. For the person who's always got a hammer or a screwdriver in their hand. Give them a one-of-a-kind gift you know they'll adore. This will be an original Christmas, so it's only right to give original gifts. Toolbox, £97.50 5. Vintage Enthusiasts: Nothing is more perfect than our authentic vintage jewellery boxes ! These are original, we have various sizes and options. Filled with different compartments, perfect for storing their jewellery. Jewellery Boxes, From £37.50 6. That person you don't know, but need to get a gift for: We've all got 'em. Don't spend a lot of money, but give something special with a unique leather accessories. Everyones got keys right?! From prices as little as £2.50 7. That one who has lots of little things: a vintage cabinet will get them in order and look great! Our collection of vintage cabinets are not to be missed. They are a great gift because they can be used for so many different things and are a special addition to anyone's home.
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