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Travel In Style With Our Top 5 Travel Bag | Scaramanga

Travel In Style With Our Top 5 Travel Bag | Scaramanga

A Travel Bag For All

It's that time of year when short trips and summer holidays are fast approaching. It's also the time we are rushing around to find the perfect travel bag! Whether you are looking for the perfect flight bag to carry all of your travel essentials, or a leather backpack to help you explore in style, we have you covered. travel bag travel bag

Explore In Style With Our Boho Leather Backpack

Our small leather backpack is the perfect bag to take to any city break. If you are looking for a travel bag with endless practicality, the boho mini leather backpack is the one for you. This vintage rucksack will carry all of your small essentials for the day. The adjustable straps will also ensure you will feel comfortable and hands free while exploring your new surroundings. The mini backpack will for sure catch eyes. travel bag If you are looking for a bigger bag to carry a change of clothes for a last minute trip, The large backpack could be the perfect upgrade. The large leather rucksack is a travel bag that will carry it all. There are three external pockets to allow you to fit all of your small essentials. travel bag

The Perfect Luggage Bags For Every Trip

If you are looking for stylish hand luggage or a carry-on bag, the leather duffle bag would make the perfect choice. This travel bag has endless space for clothes, magazines and any other travel essentials. If you are traveling for business, you can fit up to a 15'' laptop. We have included an adjustable arm strap to allow you to carry all of your holiday essentials in style. This leather holdall is made from hunter leather to give you that vintage style while ageing gracefully. travel bag holdall travel bag duffle

Vintage Flight Bag

Our new orient flight bag is the perfect travel accessory for your next long-haul flight. Made from soft vintage leather, this bag will ensure you feel comfortable while traveling around the world. We have added an external zip compartment on the front of the travel bag. This is a great way to keep your passport and documents close to hand. The caramel leather is a rich contrast to the brown shade to give the bag an added extra touch of luxury. We have included an adjustable strap to ensure you can hold your coffee and sunglasses at the same time! travel bag travel bag Whether you are looking for a vintage leather backpack to explore in style, or an antique flight bag for your next long-haul flight, We have endless travel bags to update your holiday style. In addition, why not take a look at Pinterest for more travel inspiration for your next trip.
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