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Traditional Leather Satchels - Back To Old School Style

Traditional Leather Satchels - Back To Old School Style

Traditional Leather School Satchel
No sooner have the students thrown their textbooks in the air with joy at the thought of six long weeks of summer holidays, are the shops filling up with crisp new exercise books and pens full of ink. The first week of term creeps closer and closer, and rather than fight through the crowds at your local shopping centre, why not choose from our wide range of leather school satchels, pencil cases and notebooks to kit out the youngsters in your life – perfect if you’re bored of the same old school and college accessories, and want to invest in things which last that bit longer. A grades guaranteed!
The humble school bag has an awful lot to contend with in its short life – from doubling up as a goalpost in the playground, to being squashed into lockers, it needs to be able to take a good battering. Scaramanga bags make the ideal leather school satchel – the 15 inch wide leather satchel,£68.00, (worn by Sarah below) is a classic design which works for both guys and girls. Available in both tan and distressed finishes, our leather bags are stylish and practical, and won’t fall apart by half term like cheaper fabric alternatives. Featuring double thickness, extra strong straps, and full of handy pockets and compartments, they make the ideal school satchel or university bag, while the sturdy construction means even the heaviest textbook can be carried safely. For those who like a little bit more space, why not choose our 15 inch leather satchel with front pocket, £73.50 – big enough to hold a laptop in the main compartment, this leather bag also features a smaller front compartment, ideal for holding pens, pencils and purses or wallets.
15 Inch Brown  Leather Satchel
School life involves, amongst other things, copious amounts of note-taking. Endless lessons and lectures mean a lot of writing, and what better way to record things than with a Scaramanga leather notebook or journal? From the medium leather bound journal, £12.75, to the large vintage leather journal, £18.50, there’s something for everyone, no matter how much or little needs to be written. For the art students, why not opt for an extra large embossed leather sketchbook, £32.50, which contains 120 pages of heavyweight off-white paper – ideal as a school sketchbook which will need to withstand a wide range of artistic media.
Red, Blue and Black Traditional Leather Satchels £67
Once bags and notebooks are taken care of, school or college life needs to be completed with the all important school pencil case. Available in two designs, the large leather pencil case, £7.50, and the more vintage style round leather pencil case, £6.00 are made from the same leather as the Scaramanga satchels, and are far more stylish and hardy than their plastic or nylon contenders. After the pens and pencils are organised, any student will obviously need a safe place to keep their dinner (or snack!) money - why not choose one of our distressed coin purses, £2.60, which match the pencil cases and satchels, and are big enough to hold not only money but also any bank cards or keys.
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