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Vintage Autumn Interior Design

Vintage Autumn Interior Design

As we drift into autumn and the days get noticeably shorter, evenings chillier and the leaves on the trees colour the spaces we use may change to reflect the changes in our mood and what we see outside. Scaramanga shares its vintage autumn interior design tips using vintage furniture and interiors. Autumn colours are rich golden browns, ochres, deep faded yellows and deep reds. So we've selected furniture and interiors that reflect these colours, tones and textures. Our autumn scene's focal point is a mid-sized antique Art Deco cabinet made from solid teak. At around 110cm tall and with a slim profile the cabinet could be used in a living room, bedroom, hallway or home office. With its warm tone golden teak is perfect for mixing with other woods, brightly painted furniture. To its left is a cherry red old grain bin (we have lots of colours and sizes available). The bin would have been used for storing wheat and pulses like lentils in Indian houses. This compact cupboard would have been used by an affluent merchant, perhaps a jewellery seller, for storing their money, jewellery and records and receipts. Several drawers have hasps and staples for small padlocks and others have money slots. We've decorated its interior with some of our smaller Indian decorations: a painted red cow charity money box, stone bowl with a vintage brass Laxmi lamp, vintage Gansha postcard, micro terracotta plant pots, Lower shelf: old Nandi (cow) toy, vintage postcards, old small tins, painted chapati rolling pin. Different red tones are created by mixing an old enamel office sign, with a wooden Indian temple display, an old cow money box and a very well used vintage soda coolbox. The red textures are different but work well together with the warm tone of golden teak and the more neutral colour of the jute woven floor rug. We have decorated the temple and the top of the coolbox with unusual vintage padlocks, a stone Ganesh and tiny terracotta pots. Add handstitched and woven textiles throws and bedspreads with bold geometric patterns and shapes to give your interiors a warmer softer look and a Global Bohemian feel. Go even further and layer them for a real hippy chic feel. vintage storage trunk made from metal Add old travel trunks, vintage suitcases, maps and globes to give your interior a vintage travel vibe. In the image above we have placed an antique black trunk on top of an old teak cupboard. Potted plants soften the black iron and brown wood. A stack of suitcases can be used as a side table, while also storing smaller items like games and toys. Their well-used and worn surfaces will give any interior a less formal and more relaxed and lived-in feel. We have stacked 2 small vintage suitcases and used them to display an old deer skull. The lower suitcase acts as a plinth and the colourful books lift it up from the suitcase. We love leaving our old trunks as we discover them. So luggage tags, stickers and scuffs are left on. We just used a leather balsam to condition the leather and bring the leather back to life. The suitcases and trunks have retained their well-travelled look with travel labels and scuffed edge and marked top. No artificial distressing!
An antique travel trunk An antique travel trunk
Use old wooden boxes and chests to show off your collections whether they are silk scarves, vintage jewellery or old toys. Do not hide your collections in drawers and shoe boxes. Get them out and show them off. Vintage glass display cabinet used to show off curios An extra-large vintage shop display cabinet makes the perfect 'window' for your curio collection. It could easily be a focal point for a living room. Curate your collection changing its contents to make it even more interesting. The best collections are those that show different items. So, like us, you could group into styles and varieties. We repurposed an old ladder into hanging rails for clothes or towels in a bedroom or bathroom. Of course, we're big fans of eclectic styling. The first rule of eclectic style: is that there are no rules. Just don't let any one style or era dominate. Mix and match tones, colours, size, texture. Mix old and new, industrial with kitsch 70s, classic British design with tribal Indian. The good thing is that if it does not work try something else until you feel it works, or try it somewhere else. However, just don't try too hard - an eclectic interior should look harmonious and not contrived. Old wooden mirrors are good for small wall spaces. They can be mixed with framed prints and artwork to create a gallery wall. They can be used in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and living rooms. Old brass gives a space a brightness, without looking too shiny. An old brass chapati tin can be used for storing some of those little things that get lost if left lying around: keys, coins. Add an small brass lock for mystery and intrigue. Vintage brass chapati tin, £85: Brass Pot Scaramanga stock a wide range of authentic vintage furniture and interiors. We have new stock arriving every week. See more of our original stock on our website or visit our store in Cupar, Fife, Scotland. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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