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Top 5 Pet Accessories of 2018 | Dog Collars

Top 5 Pet Accessories of 2018 | Dog Collars

Team Scaramanga love our pets so much that we have decided to introduce vintage dog collars in 2018. We couldn't celebrate the year of the dog in a better way. We have introduced a range of pet accessories to ensure you can treat all of your pets at any size. Add a touch of originality to your dog collar with a personalised name tag. This will definitely give your dog a beautiful treat they deserve. dog collars

dog collars

Leather Dog Collars

Our leather dog collars are the perfect accessory for your pet this year. We have a selection of sizes from extra-small to Large to cater to all of your furry friends. The small dog collars are a perfect way to introduce your brand new puppy in to your life. You may feel reluctant to buy a dog collar for your puppy as they grow up so fast. You can try out our smaller collars and if your gorgeous pet loves it, you can upgrade them to a bigger collar. The medium dog collar is a great way to upgrade puppy accessories when your dog gets slightly older. Choosing your dog a collar can't be taken lightly. This may be their only accessory so we all need to make the right decision. The large dog collar is a slightly bigger version of the medium dog collars. dog collars

Dog Collar Material

Our vintage pet accessories are made from our favourite hunter leather. We believe that a pet is an important member of a family and deserves to have a sophisticated style. Hunter leather is a material that ages beautifully as the years go by. The vintage material may have natural marks due it's natural qualities, but we think this gives the material more character. The leather is soft enough to ensure your dog is comfortable when on their daily walks. It is also strong enough to stop from breaking or slipping off. dog collars

Personalise Your Pet Accessory

Take your pet's style to the next level and treat them to a dog tag that is in the shape of a bone. This is a great way to add a touch of personality to your pet's accessories. You have the opportunity to make the collar even more unique by personalising the name tag with your pets name. You can choose from a range of font sizes and colours to suit your pet. This bone dog tag is made from hunter leather to ensure it will match your chosen dog collar. dog collars Take a look at our pet shop and select the perfect dog collar for your beloved furry friend. Whether you are looking to treat your brand new puppy to our small dog collars or upgrade to a bigger size, we have a range of pet accessories that will cater to a wide range of dogs.
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