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Top 5 Best Wedding Favours | Scaramanga

Top 5 Best Wedding Favours | Scaramanga

Scaramanga Wedding Favours

Wedding season is among us and we want to give you some top tips on how to choose wedding favours that your guests will enjoy for years to come. You have probably already made the big decisions and it's time to put the small details in place. It's important to find a personal and unique favour to thank your guests. From mini journals to vintage padlocks, we have a range of items that will add a personal touch to each table. wedding favours


Padlocks are a great keepsake with endless meaning. Our small padlocks are a great collectable item that represents love perfectly, It will also add a touch of vintage style to each table. You can encourage your guests to write their initials on the padlock and lock it on to a meaningful place like a famous bridge near by. Guests can use their wedding favours padlock as an ornament which will remind them of your beautiful wedding every time they see it. wedding favours love padlocks

Personalised Luggage tags

The Leather luggage tags are a great wedding favour that guests can take with them wherever they go. You also have the option to personalise each tag to make it unique for each guest. You can personalise the date of your wedding or your quests name. This will make your guest feel loved as well as make it easier for them to find their bag in the airport on the way home. Our luggage tags are made from our favourite hunter leather to give you that popular distressed look. This will mean you can have a touch of scaramanga at your wedding. wedding favours

Mini Journals

If you wanted to make wedding favours even more unique, our mini journals would make the perfect choice! Mini journals are a great gift for the women attending your wedding. They can write memories throughout the wedding so they will never forget about your lovely wedding! The mini leather journals are perfect for keeping in your handbag for when you need to take quick notes at work or on the way to the shops. Your guests will most definitely thank you for this! We have a range of sari and leather journals that you can choose from. wedding favours

Love heart keyring

The leather love heart keyring is very fitting for wedding favours. The love heart keyring is a touching gift that your guests can carry with them on their keys. Furthermore, our love heart keyring is made from buffalo leather, giving you that lovely distressed look. You can also personalise this gift with silver or blind embossing to make it even more personal. Similar to the luggage tags, you can get the keyring personalised with a date or your guests initials. wedding favours

Passport Holder

A customer recently ordered passport holders for their wedding favours and we think this is a great idea. In addition, our passport holders are a perfect leather gift that your guests can show off on the way home. Furthermore, if you are a couple that loves to travel, the leather passport holders are a great way to represent this. It is this time of year that everyone is planning their summer holidays. It can be very thoughtful to gift your loved ones to a luxury holder. wedding favours Wedding favours are a lovely touch to thank your guests for being part of your special day. We have a wide range of small accessories that will fit your wedding perfectly as well as mean a lot to your guests.
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