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The younger, hotter satchel...

The younger, hotter satchel...

Tush modelling a new style vintage satchel
This summer, Scaramanga has become infatuated with a younger, hotter model of their classic satchel... New, improved and stronger than before, the new style satchels are made from Buffalo leather as opposed to the Goat hide of our original bags. This means they are sturdier and more durable, yet softer to the touch; whilst still maintaining that same vintage-antique look and feel that we love so much about the Scaramanga satchel. So, take it everywhere, cram as much stuff in it as you can and don't be afraid to knock it around and really use it.... after all, as we always say, it only gets better with time and use; each mark tells a story and only adds to the vintage look. And, as an extra personal touch, the Scaramanga logo is now imprinted in the leather underneath the inside flap... think of it as the next best thing to having a designer label on show, only without the hefty price-tag...
A new style medium wide satchel
Available now in the small or medium wide satchel, with or without a front pocket, and coming soon in more styles and sizes, prices start from just over £50: an affordable investment for your staple fashion accessory that's always reliable. P.S. We're offering 5 free leather journals to any UK customers who can guess the UK location of the photo shoot... So if you have a guess for us, get in touch! : )
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