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The St. Andrews Look

The St. Andrews Look

Just like any other city in the world, St Andrews has its very own fashion style. The students of the university hail from all around the globe and with them they bring their own unique style. Amongst the multitude of different styles we see, there is, however, a typical 'St Andrews Look'. We shall go from the feet up: On any given day, rain or shine, you can find numerous pairs of Hunter wellies strutting around town. The St Andrews students have taken the typical weather-specific footwear and transformed it into a fashion statement, with the classic green colour prevailing.
Hunter Wellington Boots in 'Olive' - £90 at Hunter Wellington Boots in 'Olive' - £90 at
Thinking these might be difficult to pull off? Don't fret! The next thing you need to achieve the 'St Andrews Look' is a barbour jacket. Yes these farmer style jackets are all the rage in this little town in Fife! Most of the jackets sold by the company are fairly unisex with the wax style being the preferred in St Andrews.
Carraw Waxed Jacket in 'Olive' - £299 at Carraw Waxed Jacket in 'Olive' - £299 at
Most pair these two products with a pair of dark wash jeans (for girls) or chinos (for guys) and the look is complete! Well...almost! Like all students in any university, they cart around tons of books and sometimes need a little helping hand.. This is where we come in! Our St Andrews store is very popular with the students as our satchels offer a fashionable way to lighten their load. The choice of bag can differ for guys and girls so, as always, ladies first!
The St Andrews Look Leather Satchel
Medium Satchel with Front Pocket Medium Satchel with Front Pocket
Our Medium Satchel with front pocket is a popular choice for the ladies. The size enables you to fit the average sized laptop (15") as well as some books (and maybe some lipstick for a mid-day touch up..), without overpowering a female frame. Most men tend to go slightly bigger and here is what we recommend:
Medium Overlander
The Medium Overlander is perfect for the days when you can't quite decide what to bring (so you just take everything!). The zipped section adds an additional level of security to the bag and the front section is the perfect size for a notepad or kindle. Adding a satchel provides both functionality and an academic feel to this traditional St Andrews look, leaving graduates with a bag that will last them throughout their impending careers. These 3 items will have you looking like a true St Andrean (just go with it..) in no time, although I can't guarantee the look will be as easily accepted outside of town!
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