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The Scaramanga Spring Top Five

The Scaramanga Spring Top Five

Silky Sari Handmade Travel Notebook, £4.87
We’ve all put the clocks forward, and it’s officially the start of the great British Summertime – not that you’d know it from stepping outside. Here at Scaramanga, despite the freezing temperatures, we’re confident that the sun will show its face soon, and when it does, we’ve got everything you’ll need to hit the great outdoors – whether you’re going on a trip to the beach or a weekend break to the city.
Woolly Blanket, £15
Woolly Blanket, £15.00

As soon as the sun appears, all thoughts turn to spending hours and hours outside – whether you like to lounge around and doze, or take the kids on a along walk, the outdoors is where it’s at. Here at Scaramanga, we think that whatever you’re doing, our woolly blankets, £15, are the perfect accessory to take on whatever adventure you’re having this Spring. Choose from a range of different colours, from eye-popping brights to subtle pastels, and use them as anything from a picnic blanket, a den for the kids or to cover up in the car on the way home.

Glorious Goa Ethical Canvas Bag, £4.50

Glorious Goa Canvas Bag, £4.50

If you’re planning a lot of picnics during the warmer months, you’re going to need something to carry all of your goodies in. From somewhere to store the all important picnic blanket, to a place to carry the crisps, our glorious Goa canvas bag, £4.50 is the ideal thing. Measuring a generous 40cmx38x18, and with a choice of long or short handles, this super strong canvas bag is the perfect way to carry anything on your outdoor adventures.

Large Handmade Overlander Leather Bag, £135
Large Overlander Leather Bag 18 Inch, £135.00

Have you got a mini-break marked on the calendar? If you’re looking for some seriously stylish and ethical luggage for your city break, the Scaramanga large overlander leather bag, £135, is just what you’re looking for. Ditch the high street, and choose our vintage style handmade leather travel bag, which consists of a huge main compartment, expandable front compartment and a zipped front pocket – ideal for carrying everything from clothes to gadgets. The strong double stitching and hard-wearing canvas lining mean that no matter how much you squeeze in, you don’t need to worry about things escaping, and the adjustable thick strap has been designed for extra comfort and strength.

Tropical Travel Journal, £6
Extra Large Handmade Embossed Leather Journal, £32.50
Travel Journals, From £5.00

Whether you’re going on a few days out to the beach and the country, or a short break somewhere, you’re going to want to remember the best bits. As well as taking photographs, why not keep a diary of your adventures in our tropical travel journal, £6 – 40 pages of handmade paper, bound in a wrap and tie design make this the ideal place to jot down any memories or stick small mementos. If you prefer a more eye catching design, why not choose one of our silky sari travel journals, £4.87, which has the same amount of pages, with a silky sari wrap-cover. If you’re more of a sketcher than a writer, you’re bound to love our extra large embossed leather journal, £32.50. Measuring a large 26cmx19x4, these beautiful handmade journals are the perfect place to capture the moment with a pen or pencil.

Colourful Fringed Woolly Wrap Shawl, £15
Woolly Wrap Shawl, £15.00

Wherever you’re venturing to this Spring, the one item you should definitely pack is a Scaramanga woolly wrap shawl, £15. These beautifully stylish tassled wrap shawls measure a huge 220cmx108, making them the ideal cover, whether you’re on the beach, in the car or at a picnic. Available in a wide range of colours with contrasting stripes running through, our woolly wrap shawl is bound to become your best Spring adventure accessory.

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