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The Scaramanga Leather Satchel Sale: Our Top Five Buys

The Scaramanga Leather Satchel Sale: Our Top Five Buys

Medium Wide Leather Satchel, Was £85 Now £75
Now that Christmas is over, all thoughts are turning to January; a new year means the chance for a fresh start, and what better way to begin than with a stylish new bag? Whether you were given money for Christmas, you earned a nice bonus from work, or you were presented with an I.O.U in place of an actual present, a bag from Scaramanga makes the perfect accessory for anybody who’s keen to organise their day-to-day essentials while staying stylish. The best news is that loads of our satchels are currently on sale, meaning that this is the ideal time to buy – and we've compiled a list of our five current favourites, to make choosing that bit easier.

Medium Overlander Leather Satchel was £145 now £130

Medium Overlander Leather Bag, Was £155.00 Now £130.00

Here at Scaramanga, we like to think our Overlander travel bags are a little bit special; spacious enough to use as a travel bag, yet also compact enough to wear every day, they’re probably our most versatile style. The medium overlander leather bag, £135, has huge W46cmxH37XD16 dimensions, which consists of a large main compartment, and a further expanding pocket which adds on an extra 6cm – perfect for carrying anything from hand luggage to laptops and paperwork. It’s also the one bag that can hold A3 documents and files, making it the ideal bag for college or university art students, while the buffalo leather, tough lining and double stitching mean it’s durable enough to withstand daily use.

Medium Leather Old School Satchel, Was £90 Now £58.50

Medium Leather Old School Satchel, Was £90.00 Now £70

One of our most popular designs, the medium leather old school satchel, £70, has been styled around the old vintage school satchels from the middle of the last century, making it a truly classic accessory. As well as the timeless style, a large main compartment and numerous pockets make this satchel one of the most practical; it can comfortably hold anything from laptops to books, and smaller items such as mobile phones, MP3 players and other daily essentials.

14.5 Inch Blue Leather Satchel, Was £76 Now £38
14.5 Inch Blue Leather Satchel, Was 76.00 Now £38.00

If you fancy adding a pop of colour to your 2014 wardrobe, then now is the perfect time; brighten up your accessories with the Scaramanga 14.5 Inch Blue Leather Satchel, £38, a good sized bag with loads of brilliant features. Spacious enough for those essential books and textbooks for college and university, but not bulky or chunky, the classic blue leather satchel makes the ideal every-day bag – and the extra pockets and compartments all come in handy for those daily essentials, too. With clean lines, durable leather and a wonderfully colourful finish, this bag could be the perfect addition to your accessory collection for next year.

13 Inch Leather Satchel Was £75 Now £48

13 Inch Small Wide Leather Satchel, Was £75.00 Now £48

If you’re looking for a smaller, daily bag that just needs to hold those few essentials that you just can’t leave the house without, the 13 Inch Small Wide Leather Satchel, £48 is the ideal solution. Large enough to hold books and magazines, but not as bulky as some of our bigger bags, this satchel is perfect for heading off to the shops, trips to the park and also as a work bag. The main compartment is able to hold a small 11” laptop, or a few small books, but the extra pockets and compartments mean that you won’t need to leave anything behind.

iPad Leather Cover, Was £35.00 Now £25.00

Whether you received an iPad for Christmas, or you’re more interested in accessories than bags, now is the perfect time to invest in the Scaramanga iPad Leather Cover, £25. Made from the same great buffalo leather as our beautiful satchels, and lined with either black cotton or red fleece, our classic cover will keep your technology safe whether you’re at home, in work or travelling abroad.

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