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The Scaramanga Guide to Childrens Satchels

The Scaramanga Guide to Childrens Satchels

Childrens Satchels at Scaramanga
Here at Scaramanga, we’re most well known for our beautiful handcrafted and ethically produced adult leather satchels and travel bags, but as we hate to leave anyone out, we also offer a range of childrens satchels, called Junior Scaramanga, that suit almost every occasion. From small bags that are ideal for holding the essentials, to larger satchels that could work as an overnight bag, we’ve got something for kids of all ages.

9 Inch Saddle Bag, £42

9 Inch Saddle Bag, £42.00

If you’re looking for the ideal first bag for your child, but are fed up with the usual high street choices, our 9 inch saddle bag, £42, could be the ideal solution. Handcrafted from the same buffalo leather as our adult satchels, this small version measures W23cmxH17xD7, making it ideal for even the youngest accessory fans. With an adjustable 58” strap, and enough space for any little essentials, it manages to be practical and attractive, without looking too bulky.

11 Inch Leather Satchel, £47.50

11 Inch Leather Satchel, £47.50

Perfect as either a day bag for essentials, or a first school bag, our 11 inch leather satchel, £47.50 has all the same fantastic features as our adult satchels, but in a miniature version. Designed around the iconic vintage leather satchels from the last century, this handy bag has enough space in the main compartment for junior school essentials, such as exercise books and a pencil case, and also features various smaller pockets inside.

13 Inch Classic Leather Satchel, £71
13 Inch Classic Leather Satchel, £71.00

For something that combines traditional design with a bright pop of colour, choose a Scaramanga 13 inch classic leather satchel, £71, which will certainly make your young person stand out from the crowd. Available in colourful red, pale blue or dirt-hiding black, our range of classic satchels are made from super-strong buffalo leather, and feature an extra pocket on the front of the bag, perfect for keeping any smaller items safe.

14.5 Inch Classic Leather Satchel, £76

14.5 Inch Classic Leather Satchel, 76.00

If you’re looking for a school bag for a teenager, our range of 14 Inch Classic Leather Satchels, £76.00 are perfect; rather than choosing a flimsy rucksack or shoulder bag from the high street, why not opt for a Scaramanga bag? The spacious dimensions make it ideal for holding A4 files, folders and notebooks, and the durable buafflo leather means broken shoulder straps and split bases will be a thing of the past. The adjustable 150cm strap length makes carrying the bag in comfort easy; your teenager can either carry it over their shoulder or across the body – especially handy if they ride a bicycle to school.

15 Inch Leather Satchel, £85

15 Inch Leather Satchel, £85.00

As children get older, social occasions begin to move from afternoon play-dates after school to weekend long sleepovers, full of midnight snacks and movie marathons. Instead of packing your child’s pyjamas into a backpack, why not buy them their own dedicated overnight bag – our 15 inch leather satchel, £85 is just the thing. With large W37cmxH28xD10 dimensions, you’ll be able to fit in all of the essentials that are necessary for a stay away from home, while the extra pockets make the ideal place to keep any smaller essentials.

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