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The Perfect Pirate's Chest

The Perfect Pirate's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow
Here in the office we are always surrounded by a wide variety of antique wooden chests, old treasure chests, trunks, vintage boxes, coffers and kists in all different shapes and sizes, and this week we've been asking: what makes the perfect pirate's chest? To have the authentic pirate 'look' it must be wooden and it must be old, or at least look old; and it should also have those characteristics that mark the typical wooden pirate's treasure chest: the domed top, the iron banding, and the big hasp and staple with a strong padlock. Inside, the chest might also contain secret compartments, perfect for stashing the most valuable pieces of old pirate's treasure. Of course, it's not just pirates who made proud owners of these antique treasure chests: today an old wooden chest or trunk is still very much an interesting and popular piece of furniture for livening up the home. Modern day treasure chests can come in various shapes in sizes (our warehouse is a testament to that!) from smaller memory boxes with lots of compartments and trays for keeping your treasures locked away, to larger iron bound storage chests which make more of a bold pirate statement. Whichever size and style takes your fancy, Scaramanga is the place to go, offering one of the widest ranges of vintage wooden chests in the UK we are sure we will have something perfect for everyone's treasure storage needs!
One of Scaramanga's Antique Domed Pirate's Chests
An antique pirate style trunk
One of Scaramanga's more subtle pirate style treasure chests
A larger pirate style treasure chest at Scaramanga

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