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The Many Uses of An Old Wooden Chest...

The Many Uses of An Old Wooden Chest...

One of Scaramanga's Many Old Wooden Chests
Each old wooden chest here at Scaramanga is unique, and this one in particular is no exception. With lots of hidden compartments, carved patterns and brass detailing, this beautiful antique Indian chest is full of character and is guaranteed to bring a distinctive charm to any home. More than just looking good in the home, though, a vintage wooden chest is also a practical storage solution and one of the many attractions to wooden chests and boxes is their versatility. The possibilities for what you might use one for are endless, and again, this one in particular is no exception... With wooden bars inside the lid ideal for storing papers and no shortage of little compartments, it's an ideal stationery chest. There are compartments big enough to store pens and pencils, and smaller ones to fit all those little things that normally end up scattered around your desk: sharpeners, erasers, paperclips and drawing pins. And, of course, there is also the large main compartment of the chest hidden underneath a removable tray, where you can keep those things you don't want others to see - be it a diary, letters, or even your bills!
This Scaramanga Chest Has Lots of Hidden Compartments
Small antique boxes, especially those with so many compartments and such decorative detailing like this one, also make perfect memory boxes. Whether it's for you or for someone else as a thoughtful gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a special occasion, the small and hidden compartments are perfect for storing all those little things you've kept over the years for sentimental value. There's lots of space in the lid for storing photos, letters, cards and postcards, whilst larger things can go in the main compartment of the box. So you can keep everything that's important to you in one beautiful box which will last for years to come. However, if you feel it's a bit of a shame to shut such a beautiful box away for years as just a storage space for your memories, it can also be used to store those things that you use every day. For girls these boxes can make perfect jewellery and make-up boxes because, let's face it, we all have enough of that to easily fill a wooden box! It doesn't take any stretch of the imagination to imagine the little compartments filled with earrings, bracelets and brooches, whilst the lower large compartment houses a plethora of nail polish, eye shadow and all kinds of make-up: an undoubtedly colourful use for the box! If stationery, memories and jewellery isn't your thing, though, there will always be endless possibilities for what you can store in an old wooden box - even down to the little trinkets and oddities which end up lying around your home. There is always a use for a vintage wooden box in your home as both storage and a beautifully unique addition to your interior.
Lock Your Treasures Up Safely in Style in an Old Scaramanga Chest
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